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The Kingdom of Vornair is the Chronicles of Elyria chapter of the Vornair Gaming Community. Our Kingdom has set itself to be a place where, regardless of their playstyles, our community members will support one another and be supported by one another. Within the world of Elyria, based on the North American East server, the Kingdom of Vornair will play home to our diverse community of gamers. Vornair will be the arena in which we pit ourselves against other communities who stand up in our domains as competitors. Whether we win or lose we will walk away with a full community of support  and we will back those in our community who continue to push forward. Chronicles of Elyria poses to be a world set for its players to get lost in. Our objective is to ensure our members are able to enjoy the full potential of this game with the support structure, organization, and freedom needed to be successful. Regardless of if you want to be a simple blacksmith, soldier, or run a noble house, there will always be something for you to do both in Chronicles of Elyria and in our community. You are welcome to join our discord by clicking the link below. 

Community Spotlight

One of our community members Hinata has been hard at work with the recruitment fair. 

Below each week will be posted the result of those efforts in the order they were submitted to Youtube. Enjoy!

Kingdom Spotlight

This was made at the behest of Duke Nimb Zephyr who won the Raiders of the Lost Vault event for NA-E and is now the proud owner of the Sunstone!


The Kingdom of Vornair stood up as a group of similarly minded individuals from diverse walks of life coming together with a mutual interest in Chronicles of Elyria. Our group started with a few dukes: Duchess Aleerayn, Duke Balen, King Adam, and Duchess Sunday Verdonne, coming together to build a vision for how a group would best run for the upcoming title being created by Soulbound Studios. They spent countless hours in discord together, building up their relationships and understanding of one another and building up an alignment on what they believed were systems that could work well, given the mechanics and scope of the game. Once they had a system worked out and an overarching branding/vision they launched the Kingdom of Vornair both in discord and on the CoE forums. The community has grown significantly since that day, June 28th, 2016, both in number and in maturation and scope. Our leadership team rounded out with additional personalities in each one of the Dukes and Council members that have come and some gone, and with the relationships being built all across our group it was clear this was no longer a gaming group built simply for Chronicles of Elyria. We had developed into a full community of gamers. I use the phrase "Community of Gamers" for a reason, gaming community suggests this is a group of people who game together. That is not who we are. We are a group of diverse people who choose to support one another and be supported by one another whether it relates to in-game or out of game issues who happen to also play games. Therefore a community of gamers, rather than a gaming community. Our transition to a community of gamers from a group planning on playing Chronicles of Elyria together came naturally and has caused a wealth of positive maturation and change across our community. Though this community is young it brings with it a wealth of experience across all of the various leaders in each of the various sub-communities that make up the whole of Vornair. This experience and the open, honest communication that we foster across our group is what has and will continue to make us successful. We empower each and every member of our community to bring whatever they wish to bring to the table to bear, we encourage direct group conversations about what issues are seen and how can we do things better. Our leadership team exists for the sole purpose of supporting and enabling our community members to be successful. From in-game support, to be that person you vent to, ask for advice from, or invite to your wedding. The culmination of each of our members, supporting each and every other member of our community.

That is who we are.



The Kingdom of Vornair will be an NA-East combination of 2 Kingdoms based on honor. Vornair itself loosely translates into “Defense of Honor”. Honor is neither good nor evil. We understand the need for both good and evil to exist in the world, as without one, the other will lead to total destruction. Vornair is not altruistic itself, we will do what is right for our Kingdom and its people. We serve the interests of Vornair, at times that may mean that we help our neighbors, at others it may mean we harm them. It ultimately comes down to what is best for the Kingdom of Vornair overall.

Our Kingdom will begin KoE / the Elyria MUD having only recently formed (about 10 years ago). Prior to the forming, we were a smattering of tribes and clans who were only loosely affiliated. As the greater nations and Kingdoms started forming, some of our tribes and clans started losing lands from these larger, more organized forces. In the interest of protecting our lands and our people, the tribes came together to push the invaders back.

The rallying clan, the Rhyne Clan, led the most victories against these invaders by far. Utilizing their wit, ingenuity, and advantage of knowing their lands, the clans were able to rout the invaders and secure their borders. With the invaders pushed out and their lands secure, the tribes continued to look to the Rhyne clan for leadership and guidance. Their honor, dedicated leadership, and humbleness led the tribes to naturally fall in line under the leadership of Clan Rhyne. It wasn't long before they formalized their Kingdom and selected Clan Rhyne's leaders, Duchess Jordyn Rhyne and Duke Beinir Haert, as the first Queen and King of Vornair.