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The Anemoi

There are beasts to be tamed, ore to be mined, and hell to raise!  

What is The Anemoi

The Anemoi is a triple duchy that will be targeting Brudvir/Hrothi tribes. For biomes we are looking at taiga(forest) with mountains, lakes and rivers. We firmly believe in a free market system.


Long ago The Anemoi was an untouched paradise of mountains, forests and lakes. Within this paradise rests The Stone. Over the centuries many have been drawn by its power. The nature of The Stone has attracted all manor of folk interested in the animal trades. What started as an untouched paradise grew into a resource heavy economic power. Tradesmen, labors and nobility alike from across the kingdom ventured to see the wonders of The Anemoi many deciding to set up roots. As word of The Anemoi spread the legend grew. Secrets and stories whispered at night tell of warriors fighting alongside vicious beasts, cities the size of counties, herds large enough to feed a kingdom and a view that would bring a hrothi to tears.

Recent History

The Duke and his people returned home triumphantly with a new relic The Sunstone. This marvel will be used to provide light to The Anemoi's herds and crops.

About the Duke

Duke Nimb Zephyr XII a sworn protector of The Stone and descendant of the founder of The Anemoi. He was raised and trained in the tradition of capturing and taming beasts.

Behind the keyboard I am a 37 year old man that has been gaming since computers came as a pile of pieces you had to assemble with a soldering iron. I've played most major MMOs led many communities, participated in even more and have learned when to be patient as well as when to kick over the table raising a bit of hell. My longest played game would be Everquest for over 7 years. I've played almost every other major MMO since then.

I happened upon Chronicles of Elyria by accident and couldn't tear myself away. The idea of a game with lasting consequences and an ever evolving world got me hook line and sinker. I have searched for a game like this as the next evolution above a traditional mmo for more than a decade.

I am currently enjoying playing Haven and Hearth with members of my duchy.

About the Duchess

Duchess Hela Dracul suffered great loss at an early age that fueled her obsession for the arts of alchemy. Her travels for knowledge of the craft brought her many places and also helped her meet Zephyr where she continues to focus on the wonders of alchemy in the Eitr Apothecary aiding the people of The Anemoi. Outside Elyria I am an artist who has always loved PC gaming. As a child my dad gave me a Commodore 64 and I was hooked. I have run many communities in SWG and Wow as well as leadership roles in other MMO's. CoE Elyria caught my eye for the same reason I am sure it did for most. Something different, fun and were what you do matters. The ambition of this game is something I will always stand behind and show my support for.

Who are we searching for?

We are currently recruiting Counts/Countesses, Baron/Mayors and Gentry!

Within the Kingdom of Vornair, The Anemoi is in a great spot for those looking for Mountains, forests and lakes. If you are wanting to work with animals or their products, mining, or smithing you will be well at home. Every trade or craft is welcome and can easily find a safe haven within The Anemoi.

Our priority in recruits are people that are friendly, ambitious, sociable and willing to collaborate with the community.

Why should you join The Anemoi?

The Anemoi seeks to assist and improve the standings of the community. To meet this goal we plan to support the crafters, miners, soldiers, and civilians.

Members of the community are encouraged to work together and strive to create self sufficient sub-communities. Those who take it upon themselves to attack or harm our community will be met with quick and terrible force.

Each member of the Duchy is part of our community and is treated like family. We stick up for our own and hunt down those who would harm or wrong anyone within our community.

Pledged Counties

The Anemoi currently has several remaining reserve slot for counties.

  • Blood Moon - a 2x county and home of Dronem

  • Cesta - a 1x county and home of Kyovolk

  • LaRue - a 1x county and home of Lash

  • Myst'elheim - a 1x county and home of Magdana

  • Ravar - a 1x county and home of Kára Ræv

  • Skara Brae - a 3x county and home of Carebear

  • The Stormforge - a 3x county and home of Count Fenris De Lupin

  • Talyndor - a 2x county and home of Karybdus Talyndor

  • Tartarus - a 3x county and home of Count Sneezewortt

  • Zephyros - a 11x county and home of Duke Zephyr XII and Duchess Hela Dracul

Pledged Organizations


Breed N Bleed

Bestial Breeding

Hide N Stitch

Tanning N Apparel

The Anemoi Schoolhouse of Survival

Servants of The Stone




K.N.I.F.E (Kitchen Needs Institute For Everyone)

The Forgebound Association

The Forge Bound

Mineral Institute of Technology

Sirona School of Animal Medicine

Eitr Apothecary Guild

Join us on discord

Simply Click to Join Discord. A member of leadership will greet you and do their best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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 House Fenix and Clan A’chaillte


  The modern-day duchy of Fenixvalle has existed since shortly after the formation of the Kingdom of Vornair in 698. Ever since it’s foundation, the duchy has been ruled by members of Clan A’chaillte and House Fenix. The Duke and Duchess have historically been representatives from each clan, chosen by their respective clans to enter into an arranged marriage. While arranged marriages are not always fruitful, the Duchy of Fenixvalle has prospered under this unorthodox rule. And while it may seem fragmented to some, the Duchy of Fenixvalle is a modern-day representation of the Scattered Lands where Clan A’chaillte and House Fenix first met.
The Kingdom of Vornair was once called The Scattered Lands, and within its boundaries lived many clans. These clans competed with each other for food, land and military superiority, but were able to coexist.

  One such clan was Clan A’chaillte. They were a relatively peaceful clan, who honored their ancestors. They felt a connection to the land they lived on, and used this connection to prosper. They had capable farmers who could support the entire clan with their plentiful harvests. They also had incredible breeders who specialized in war horses, for which the clan was widely known. But mostly Clan A’chaillte was known for their healers. Doctors and apothecaries who were rumored to be able to cure any disease.  Clan A’chaillte was led by The Council of Three, who settled any disputes that might occur, and their word was law within the clan. The Council of Three had formed in 412 after in-fighting over clan leadership threatened to tear the clan apart. While they did not actively seek out disputes, Clan A’chaillte had a small but elite force of war horse riders, known simply as The Riders. Established in 480, the Riders patrolled all of Clan A’chaillte’s borders, however they paid particular attention to the border they shared with House Fenix. 


  House Fenix was started by a man named Leto who had escaped the prisons of the Empire of Xeilias. He had been falsely accused of murder in 641 and forced to labor in Xeilias’ gem mines for ten years. After years of planning his escape with a group of fellow prisoners, the opportunity to escape came, and they took it. The group fled into the Scattered Lands, knowing the Empire of Xeilias had no hold there. They made their way through the Scattered Lands, until finally they arrived at the border of Clan A’chaillte’s territory in 651.
Here the land was untouched, with tall trees, pure water and caves ripe with minerals. After many years laboring in the gem mines, Leto and his group knew how to exploit the minerals. They began mining the land, prospering from the abundant gems, and collecting iron for weapons. All of this was to grow their group into a force that knew no equal. Driven by vengeance and a hatred for injustice, Leto and his group were relentless in their efforts. Several years later, in 656 the group took the name House Fenix and continued their expansion.
  Word soon spread to other clans of House Fenix’s tenacity, and they began to attract new members and grow their ranks. Among the prisoners who had escaped with Leto, was a man called Rayvon. He was Leto’s closest confidant, and had been a mason prior to his imprisonment. He taught masonry to the new members, and led the effort to construct defensible towns for the clan. Another member had made a living as a mercenary before his imprisonment. It became evident during their escape that his ferocious fighting style would be a great boon for the group, so Leto had asked him to teach the members of House Fenix how to fight.
While the entire group of escapees were intent on growing House Fenix, some were more comfortable doing so in less conventional and legal way. While these individuals were not inherently evil, they had merely retained their love of drinking, gambling, pugilism and the darker pursuits of life. These men formed a society in the shadows to support House Fenix in their own unique way.





  Due to the rapid growth of House Fenix, Clan A’chaillte was wary of their new neighbors. The two clans had a strained relationship at best. House Fenix was driven by vengeance, while Clan A’chaillte valued peace. Minor incidents occurred at the border between these two clans on several occasions, but never escalated. While some of their members were more deviant, they were fiercely loyal and would not do anything to bring unnecessary problems to House Fenix.  
This tense relationship lasted 25 years, until the Deranged King of Xeilias invaded the Scattered Lands. House Fenix had a deeply ingrained hatred for the Empire of Xeilias, and this had not diminished over the years. Upon hearing of the invasion in 676, Leto had his people prepare for war. While not in immediate danger, House Fenix was intent on fighting the Empire of Xeilias’ army. In 678, after much preparation, House Fenix began their march to the front lines.

  In 679, when they encountered the encroaching army, House Fenix released all of their years of pent-up hatred in a brutal attack. The attack lasted a full day, and became known as the Day of Blood and Vengeance. The Empire of Xeilias army suffered some of the heaviest casualties they had seen since entering the Scattered Lands, while House Fenix had almost none. However the Deranged King had drafted his entire population, so there were soon replacements for those who had fallen to House Fenix. Despite his anger, Leto knew that this was not a fight his people could win alone and began to retreat.

   In 680 Clan A’chaillte received a summon from Clan Rhyne. Clan A’chaillte was aware of Clan Rhyne, their healers had dealt with them in the past, and so they decided to answer the summon. Shortly before the Council was to leave for the meeting with Clan Rhyne, House Fenix returned.
Knowing House Fenix’s history with the Empire of Xeilias, Clan A’chaillte offered them support upon their return. They gave them food and medicine to revitalize their army. The Council of Three also sought out Leto to discuss the summons from Clan Rhyne, and extended the offer for House Fenix to join them at the summit. Knowing that this may be the only option that would get him his revenge, Leto agreed. With that, both The Council of Three and Leto left to attend what would later be known as the Banding of the Clans in 681. After much discussion, many of the clans, including Clan A’chaillte and House Fenix, agreed to unite under Clan Rhyne for the sake of driving back the invading force.
When the fighting finally stopped and the Kingdom of Vornair had been formed, Clan A’chaillte and House Fenix returned to their lands, only to receive another summons from King Jordyn Rhyne. The King wanted to create a duchy from the lands occupied by both clans, but could see no way to force one clan to submit to the other’s rule. After some time, Clan A’chaillte and House Fenix decided on a marriage agreement to unite the clans within the duchy. While both clans would be under the rule of both the Duke and Duchess, each clan was able to maintain its way of life. They decided to name their duchy Fenixvalle, as a symbol of the two clans newfound connection. In the years directly following the duchy’s formation, several smaller clans pledged their allegiance and joined the duchy, thus growing and shaping the Duchy of Fenixvalle.

















Tir Adheirich










Duke Vorien

Duchess Cynn




The Duchy of Fenixvalle 



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The Conclave of Aritaur

conclave crest

COE Conclave Introduction

For nearly 700 hundred years, Aritaurian sages roamed the lands, revered by most, but feared and persecuted by some. The historical records of the ancient beginnings of Aritaurian culture is held through oral tradition, and as such, often becomes a near-fantasmic story of facts entwined with myths and legends. Aritaurians came to be known as shrewd business people, intellectuals, diplomats, philosophers and theologians, respected as judges and as teachers, yet also fiercely patriotic, rallying its warriors to resist foreign invaders or domestic tyrants when their chosen homeland was in peril.

Today, The Conclave is a cooperative, prosperous and supportive home for all types of adventurers. We thrive and excel at planning, building and executing initiatives in a manner which is consistent with our Guiding Principles; above all, maintaining a Balance between doing the hard work while ensuring cutting-edge knowledge and research guides our hands. While we work hard, we also play hard, enjoying mild to wild (PG-13!) roleplaying, and a sense of community that is unparalleled in the lands.

Overview of Aritaur

Conclave Characteristics

The Conclave's strength in cooperating together in its endeavours enables it to enjoy wealth, influence and great power. Unparalleled organisation and leadership combined with diverse but excellently executed plans and initiatives across the Duchy are the key to The Conclave's success. While each citizen of The Conclave has the freedom to excel in their chosen field, the nature of The Conclave's opportunities to pool resources and invest them strategically enables everyone to both contribute to and benefit from the multiplicative power of working together wherever possible. This well-organised and transparent system of opportunity generation and management is the defining characteristic of The Conclave.

Conclave Values

While The Conclave has grown into an advanced, diverse culture, The Guiding Principles have long been adhered to by Aritaurians, and are used when making decisions, large and small, both individually and as a group. The principles are considered well-codified wisdom and guidance, passed on from generation to generation, which do not serve to direct Aritaurians in WHAT to do or think, but rather, tools for HOW to do and think. The Conclave's values are based on these Guiding Principles: Balance, Sanctity of Life, Responsibility, Truth, Openness, Dedication, Prosperity, Respect, Health and Confidence.

Conclave Economy

The Conclave is an economy-centric Duchy, designed to invest in and develop wealth-creating initiatives, which in turn provide for a well-trained and well-equipped military. The Conclave's economic prowess is the bedrock of its success. The Conclave's three-point Economic Prosperity Plan is designed to ensure that Supply, Trade and Investment are the focus of Duchy resources, which gives every Aritaurian access to greater returns on investment, no matter their expertise. This system is driven by a mission to use capitalistic maneuvers to serve socialist ideals; we will create and distribute wealth transparently and the more one contributes, the more one receives when returns on investment are gained.

Conclave Military

The Conclave has always housed strong warrior tribes, even if they have gone largely unnoticed throughout the ages. Acting independently of each other for generations brought great diversity and strength to the tribes as a whole when they periodically came together to train and share knowledge. Even still, they met their match when the invaders stormed over Vornair as a whole. The military of The Conclave is known as The Aritaurian Guard.

Conclave Untamed Legions

The Kingdom of Vornair’s overall theme is to give you the tools to let you play the game the way you want to play. We stand by that vision in The Conclave of Aritaur and in The Aritaurian Guard, our military. Our infrastructure is designed to attract combat-oriented players, let them play with their friends and gaming groups with little interference, and to connect them to the Duchy as a whole for coordination and large-scale command, social ties, resources, and awesome gameplay content. Our strong economy ensures all our PvP-adventurers who choose to participate in the Duchy's military are well compensated and well trained.

Conclave Culture

The Conclave is home to those who want to remake the world with reference to the past, and engage in the pursuit of advanced knowledge in their chosen discipline while living in balance with the Earth and the Cosmos. This broad statement is symbolic of The Conclave's culture as a whole. All aspects of Aritaurians' culture are held dear by its inhabitants, and each person's unique contribution is valued. There is no single culture genre that represents The Conclave, but rather, it is a living, thriving and ever-changing entity comprised of the values, traditions, aspirations, ambitions and beliefs of its inhabitants. Everyone is welcome, all types of lifestyles are embraced, and so long as we remain adherent to the Guiding Principles, our culture is defined by the contribution we all make to our community everyday, both actively and simply by being a part thereof.

Conclave Government

The Conclave values Balance, holding both Aspects of the Earth and Aspects of the Cosmos in equilibrium. As such, the government is divided to into two departments, with each division led by a High Elder that works directly with the Duchess. In accordance with The Guiding Principles, the various roles support and serve the citizenry of The Conclave through providing guidance, leadership and expertise in eight distinct areas. This structure is illustrated below. This group of leaders is known as The Council of High Elders. The High Elders have specific duties, combined with the authority and responsibility to see them through, allowing them fully manage their areas of responsibility, as well as provide the Duchess with their counsel in the leadership of The Conclave.

Conclave Structure


Conclave Organizations


Conclave Info

 Conclave Region Table

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Old Salt

Our Mission of Naval Supremacy


 Naval ResearchThe focus of our Duchy is to provide the Kingdom of Vornair with the highest level of naval research, development, defense, and exploration. Our first goal is to gain access to the best seafaring vessels to establish our presence on the seas as well as invigorating the community of Vornair. Calling all naval researchers and shipwrights! Your skills are needed to see this process to completion.



EconomyWhile our focus is maritime in nature our economy must be well rounded in order to accomplish this. This will involve the efforts of those interested in the other aspects of Elyrian life. This means farmers, crafters of all types, and well established guilds to provide a prosperous economy that can help feed the naval research and development efforts.


Sea Trade

In the history of our world maritime trade was an enormous turning point and allowed many cultures that previously had no contact with each other to do so. This allowed advances in research and cultural development that never would of happened otherwise. A vast majority of trade between Vornair and the other kingdoms will be from sea trading. Promoting trade with our allies will strengthen the core of our agenda. The strength of the High Seas will direct us to new lands abroad. We welcome all that are willing to trade on the open waters. 


Sea Trade



Beyond the shores of our native continent lies the potential of new lands and tribes that are waiting to be discovered. This won’t be accomplished by those who are satisfied by keeping the hearth warm. Instead, those daring fools who are willing to risk life and limb will be the ones who place that flag upon uncharted soil. With exploration comes the bounty of new technology, resources, and land. These keen eyes, ears, and blades may very well decide victory or defeat at the hands of those that would lay us low. Do you have the guts to be one of these foolhardy adventurers? 



Naval Warfare

Once naval research is established and our goal of obtaining ocean faring ships has been met, the next step is to form the Draugr Fleet. The fleet will protect our shoreline, our seafaring trade routes, and maintain a presence on the open waters. Any that attempt to hinder our efforts at sea will feel the full force of the Draugr Fleet.





The duchy will be run by the Duke and a collection of councils focused on economy, defense and exploration.

The Counts will be allowed to run their counties however they choose as long as the very small number of duchy laws are upheld. The Duke will only become involved when those actions affect the entire duchy and its citizens.

Barons will have a specific force size they will be required to maintain. They are free to train and take jobs from the county whenever there is a lack of conflict. All members of the military are encouraged to adventure and explore to gather knowledge and skills that will help them when there is a call to arms.

The basic framework of the duchy is purposefully short. The rules and history will be fleshed out with everyone’s input as long as they follow the listed tenets. PVP is encouraged in an honorable fashion with the focus being on bandits and outside factions as long as said factions understand the consequences if they are caught. Once the navy is stabilized there will be ample opportunities for those brave enough to challenge permadeath out at sea. The same is true for those who wish to practice the noble trade of piracy. Although not sanctioned by the kingdom except in cases of privateering or war, there may be a port or two that does not ask too many questions when buying trade supplies from ships.


High Seas Tenants



DukeResponsible to the Kingdom for the protection and safekeeping of the High Seas Duchy. Oversees all Counts and provides Military support to each. The taxes paid to the duke come directly from the counts. The details of this will be provided once we have more information related to how game mechanics will handle this.



ChancellorChancellors are hand picked by the Duke and held in the highest confidence in the Duchy. They are given the right to speak with the authority of the Duke in the event that the Duke is absent or otherwise indisposed. Well versed in all matters of the Duchy and even more versed in the goals and objectives of the Duke and what they are working towards. They have no ability to publish law or policy on their own, instead they are there to speak for the laws and policies that have already been passed prior to the Duke’s absence.

 CountIn charge of the land distribution and economy under their control. Every County will have a focused economy and establish trade routes with their neighbors to ensure continued economic growth. They are free to create laws for their County so long as they do not circumvent the laws of the Duke and King.


MayorMayors are directly under the Count who’s authority they fall under. All conflict between mayors and their County’s leadership will be handled internally. The only time the Duke will get involved is if conduct is having an effect on the Duchy’s economy or security as a whole.



BaronIn charge of the military strongholds of the duchy. All outposts will enter a contract with the Duke to ensure proper defense and manning. The duke will pay a portion of the resources needed to maintain the outposts in relation to their strategic importance. When not at war, the Barons assist the Counts and citizens in their area of operation. For example, they can provide law enforcement, protection, and escort services. These services are contracted between the Count or citizen and Baron with the understanding that a call to arms by the King or Duke renders the contract on hold until the call is over.


SailorThis role is for those who aren’t satisfied with being a landlubber. Whether you are a merchant, pirate, or member of the Draugr Fleet a sailor makes their living off the sea.



CitizenThe backbone of the Duchy. While everything points to the sea, the citizens are the ones to ensure that the land based necessities are provided.Whether you want to be a farmer, blacksmith, tinker, tailor, etc. You are welcome in the High Seas to practice your trade.



High Seas Councils


Council of the AnchorA stable and thriving economy is the anchor to any duchy. Comprised of all the counts with an equal say and the Duke having final say if something cannot be agreed on. All decisions pertaining to the economic growth of the duchy will be decided by the council. The main purpose is to design proper infrastructure and economic growth in the duchy. The counts will communicate their economic focus and work out any overlaps to ensure trade resources flow where they are needed. Depending on game mechanics, more positions may be added to the council to ensure all aspects of governing have proper attention given.


Council of the SwordComprised of all Barons. The barons of the duchy will advise and answer to the Duke in all things military related. Unlike the Council of the Anchor, the Sword is an advisory council. The Duke will have final say in all decisions and pass down military orders the Barons will be required to follow. Strategic importance will be ranked for all strongholds. Coastal and border strongholds will be allocated more resources to ensure the safety of all within the duchy and kingdom. Again, support positions may be added to the council and military based on game mechanics.


Council of the CompassThis council is to ensure that the duchy does not lose focus on exploration and discovery. In the beginning we will focus inward to discover all we can in our own lands. As the focus moves outward, this council will advise the Duke so they may present a plan to the kingdom. As new lands are discovered, this council will advise on the best course of actions needed to secure any knowledge and bounties discovered.


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The Duchy

From the iron will of crafters, builders, traders, merchants, and workers of the Kingdom of Vornair emerged a Duchy unlike any other in Elyria. The tycoon guild Helgrim Enterprises, built from the sweat and soul of citizens and nobles alike, placed its roots in the Duchy of Aechena as the first and only trading company-founded Duchy. From a team of loyal, committed leaders came a strong community focused on business and trade.

(The following is written by Kntry von Haunt)

"Many journals and transcripts speak of their origin. Each more fantastical than the next. Pages filled with flowing script talking of wondrous journey and vast trade. Of wagon trains a mile long, all carrying the finest goods hands could craft and money could buy. It all starts with two families. Two rival families in the land of Vornair. One sought honor through battle of both steel and wits, the other sought order through speech and politics.

"Hail House Hart. A family rich with pride, initiative, and leadership. This family has birthed many heirs who have gone on to rule kingdoms, legislate laws, and breed the fastest of horses and strongest of oxen. A single Hartland creature is a sign of great wealth in most of Elyria.

"Salute Stonehammer. The Stonehammer family is a strong and proud family of warriors and tacticians. All is crushed before Stonehammer’s might. Great halls throughout their land were constructed from the bones of the earth in their honor. Where warriors could gather and sing of their many victories over their enemies.

"Eventually, the two families grew larger and covered vast amounts of land, no longer able to expand without creating war and strife between the two, they intermarried the families to share the land and further expand their own visions of growth. The Harts rule over the law, and govern their people, whereas the Stonehammers rule over the fields of battle and the expansion of land. Together they combined their land and formed the Duchy of Aechena, birthplace of Helgrim Enterprises, home of Hartstone, the bastion of Balance and Liberty."

Our symbol, the coin of night and day, represents our focus on the balancing systems of commerce. Twelve rays represent each voting count of the Council of Counts, a governing team of the highest standards. The name Aechena (ah-KEE-nuh) derives from the Greek Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Commerce, whose symbol is an owl.

The Goals

[RESERVED - Focus, Values, and Tribe/Biome]

The Government

  • Duchess

  • Lord Commander

  • The Council of Counts / The Council of Citizens

  • Barons/Mayors

  • Citizens

The Council of Citizens Positions

These administrative positions answer directly to the Duchess and help ensure smooth day-to-day operations within the Duchy. Any qualified citizen can apply, regardless of nobility, by contacting Duchess Rheika directly in Discord.

  • Lord Commander (Military General)- Alaric (Zero) Stonehammer

  • Chief of Staff (Organizer, manager of administrative tasks)- [Open]

  • Chancellors (Representatives of the Duchess on the Duchy of the Round )- Zero - [Open]

  • Master of Economics (Economics expert and specialist)- [Open]

  • Master of Law (Justice system authority) - [Open]

  • High Senator (Citizen-voted representative) - [Open]

  • Master of Academy (Education leader) - [Open]

  • High Oracle (Religious and faith leader) - [Open]

  • High Treasurer (Accountant and Currency Manager)- [Open]

  • High Chronicler (Lead Lore and RP Writer)- Kntry von Haunt

The Duchess

Rheika Hart

My promise to my citizens and nobility: I will do my absolute best to provide you with the best gaming experience possible as a thoughtful, fair, and determined leader. I personally take responsibility for your gameplay and community quality within my lands. You should be able to pursue your own goals and play the way you want to, within reason, without discrimination, harassment, or being stifled by the political games of authorities.

My promise to my home kingdom of Vornair: I will serve as a leader for this community, doing my part to make the CoE gaming experience positive for all in the kingdom. I will prioritize teamwork and coordination with other leaders of the kingdom before personal goals in the spirit of the community as a whole, remaining "kingdom-first." Our end-goal and key role in the kingdom is to connect all the duchies of Vornair through trade.

The Counties

The Council of Counts represent the finest aristocracy of the duchy. Each involved noble serves as not only a leader of their respective counties, but also leaders in the duchy, forming a voting council along with the Duchess, Lord Commander, and Council of Citizens to manage the duchy government.

Our duchy will put a high value on high quality counts, who will go through an interview process with the Duchess before being accepted as a count with a vote on the duchy government council. Approved counties on the council will be CAPPED at 12 (out of 24 total in a duchy) to allow ample room for counties to select favorable land and to expand territory during KoE. A max of 18 counties MAY be considered in total, though not all may be on the voting council or are able to be locked-in.

  • Duchy-first mentality. Teamwork over personal goals.

  • Mature, responsible, and logical.

  • Self-sufficient in managing your own county. No micro-management or hand-holding needed.

  • Verified count package.

  • Experience in leadership and willingness to improve.

  • Has a plan for recruiting members and ensuring success for the county and duchy.

  • Be actively involved in the duchy and development before and after launch.

  • Respect other counts as a team and work together with honesty.

Hartland, led by Rheika Hart

Securitas, led by Alaric (Zero) Stonehammer

Oakenvale, led by Viktor Galliand

Diar, led by Aeritz Drednir

Equestria, led by Flog

(6/12 Reserved County Slots Available)

(4/6 Standby County Slots Available)

The Guild

[RESERVED - Helgrim Enterprises info, Guild vs. Government Separation]

The Allies

[RESERVED - Link and banners to allies and associates]

The Links

[RESERVED - Videos, important links]

Join Aechena Discord

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Zylphania New


Ƶylphania is the name of an ancient kingdom that died many centuries ago. The Kingdom was made primarily of two lands: the twin duchies of Dawn and Dusk. Named after Zylpha Tymorica Dalmonicus Telineth Bombastus, a Thane of Dawnish border territory who led an expedition into the lands of Dusk to rid them of the terrible demon known as The Umberhawk. The Umberhawk was a ferocious demonic bird with deep onyx plumage and seven-eyes that glowed red like the blood of lost souls. Its shadowy claws were colder than the grave, and its piercing cry could shatter a mann's heart into shards of black ice. None dared to claim the area for habitation by mannkind. None, that is, apart from Thane Zylpha. The Lords of Dawn disavowed her, fearful that her incursion into the beast's territory would provoke it to attack Dawn. With what support she could muster, Zylpha marched into the darkness of Dusk.

They fought for a fortnight, neither side giving the other any hope of reprieve. Casualties on both sides brought the match to a near stand-still, until, in a moment of carelessness, the Umberhawk exposed one of its fagile, nebular eyes to the tip of Countess Zylpha's longspear. The beast was consumed by black flames, and a thick, oily smoke rose from the corpse for more than three months. During this time, Zylpha commissioned the settlement of the freshly liberated lands from among her people. Over the proceeding decades, she expanded her new domain to include neighboring Dawn and more, until she had amassed a petty Kingdom under her name. She died without a clear heir, and her triplet sons destroyed much of the kingdom squabbling over its remains. Ultimately, only Dusk was held by the Bombastus line.

The House managed to maintain the region of Dusk as The Duchy of Zylphania for nearly 80 years under the benevolent rule of Duke Maixent Felisidous Abercreston Didisonn Bombastus. In those days, Zylphania was a Freehold, and the land belonged to the people. Families came from all lands and backgrounds to work in peace on soil they each owned. The Duke commanded his Counts to give a free parcel of land to any family who would promise to develop it for the good of all. This command was seen by some Counts as a great burden.

They rose in revolt. Not all counties, but enough to bring an end to the era of peace and prosperity the Duke had built. What followed was over a century of bitter grief. The greedy traitors divided the land between them and oppressed the free people of Dusk, beginning an era of prejudice and pain.
That reign is now at an end. The last Lord of House Bombastus has reclaimed his birthright and title as lord of both Dusk and Dawn. He has lifted the heinous yoke of the oppressors and decreed that Ƶylphania will be a Freehold forever more. Even so, the scars of tyranny run deep, and the people of Dusk are wary.

Dawn's roots stretch back further than written memory. An ancient civilization once climbed the shores and cliffs of Dawn; kilometers upon kilometers of white stone towers and walls once gleamed in the morning light, sheltering uncounted citizens. This great land was home to the Dawn Wardens--tireless defenders of peace and justice. It was a name known throughout the world, and the aspiration of many a would-be knight was to be accepted in their ranks.

When the world burned, all of that ended. Now, Dawn is crumbled and ruined. The wilds have reclaimed much. The folk here speak of Dawn as the name of the land, with no memory of the once mighty knights or their righteous cause. There are whispers, however. Rumors tell that the fabled Dawn Wardens still linger in the deep wilds of Dawn, hidden and watching.




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The goal of the Duchy of Ƶylphania is to create a place for our individual stories to take center stage, and where we can all take part in building a great society. The  Three Pillars are the foundation in which all activities in Ƶylphania are grounded. Our aim is to maximize everyone's enjoyment.


This is an incredibly immersive game. Many of us have waited a very long time for a game of this scope and breadth to come along, and we owe it to ourselves to do our best to avoid breaking the immersion of other players. That is the essence of good role-play. In this Duchy we encourage all to become immersed and let others do the same. Some may be intimidated by the notion of role-play, but we hope those of us who are more experienced will take time to help newcomers find their feet.


As a duchy we will face shared troubles and enjoy shared triumph. It is well known that a united force can withstand any threat that would otherwise overwhelm an individual. While it is unavoidable that personalities or goals may conflict among us, the resultant contest born of that conflict should not unduly increase the mutual burdens of our union. In that spirit, the Duke has encoded a series of rules guiding internal conflict resolution. These formal structures for dueling at the gentry and nobility levels are designed to encourage direct and final satisfaction for most issues and to prevent rivalries from impacting the greater duchy.

Mutual Respect

We must be accepting of the diversity of our fellow players in all situations. It will be imperative that we treat one another with the respect due to any human being. It is only in this way that we can each grow to achieve our fullest potential. Prejudice and harassment of any player for any reason will not be tolerated. This includes, but is by no means limited to, a player's gender, genetic background, social background, worldview, age or game experience.


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The Duke has commissioned the creation of a tripartite governance structure.

The Great House

The Duke is the custodian of the land. His responsibilities are to ratify and enforce laws created by the Galleries of Governance, to provide for the military defense of the Duchy, and to appoint the noble members of the Gallery of Ministers.

Gallery of Ministers

The Ministers are chosen from among the noble houses of the realm, the exception being the Minister of Freeholders, who is elected by the Gallery of Freeholders to represent them.

Minister of Science
The Most Illustrious Marquis Dal Riata of Arenthia
Responsible for the expansion of progress in the sciences, and for the administration of centers of learning to ensure all progress is shared as the birthright of the people of Ƶylphania.

Minister of Culture
The Most Illustrious Marquise Rheika Hart of Hartland
Responsible for the fostering of the aesthetic and cultural greatness of Ƶylphania, and for conducting our cultural works to the peoples of other lands.

Minister of Commerce
The Most Illustrious Marquis Rydel Sleak of Argentum
Responsible for the economic growth and stability of Ƶylphania and the establishment of trade agreements with neighboring domains.

Minister of Warfare
The Most Illustrious Marquis Anders Kastanjj of Antrim
Responsible for the maintenance and training of the fighting forces of Ƶylphania, for organizing the defense of the realm, and for leading the Ƶylphanian host in time of war.

Minister of Truth and Justice
The Most Illustrious Marquise Ninian Lune'ciel of Aurnion
Responsible for exposing the truth in the face of injustice, treason, corruption and subversion.

Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Most Eminent Viscount Ranion Lightbringer of Ubertaas
Advises the duke on matters of foreign policy and relations and leads the diplomatic corps of Zylphania.

Minister of Freeholds
Position Open
Responsible for speaking on behalf of the Gallery of Freeholders to the Gallery of Ministers and reporting to the Freeholders on the activities of the Gallery of Ministers.

The Gallery of Freeholders

This body is comprised of Aristocracy and Freeholders and contains one representative from each baronial ward. These representatives are elected by popular vote from among all freeholders in the representative's ward.



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Umberfell, Aeterion, Castillion



House Bombastus

House Bombastus is one of the Great Clans of The Kingdom of Vornair, and the Ducal House of the Freehold Duchy of Zylphania. Though members of the Clan are widely dispersed throughout Zylphania and the rest of the world, the current Clanlord, Barnebas Thalonicus Aeterion Bombastus commonly holds court in the County of Castillion at his seat in Aeterion.

Pledged Noble Houses

House Bombastus of Castillion

House Meneswa of Aetheropolis

House Yamaichi of Akal-Samudra

House Jasticus of Artanor

House Lune'ciel of Aurnion

House Baldloc of Battencia

House Blackrune of Dagodeiwos

House Morningray of Dawn

House Triptolemus of Elusinia

House Bodhi of Learo Solais

House Gillean of Gillean

House Ablar of Malren

House Fenikkusu of Pyrus

House ColdHearth of Skyrlund

House Tartanius Rex of Ubertaas

House Marshall of Wolfwater

House Xaviar of Wholvendorf


If you have questions about how we operate or wish to join our venture, please join us in the following venues:

Discord chat: Here you can talk with members of the realm and other prospective members, and join in the conversations forming our Duchy.
Website & Forums: Here we have more structured discussions about lore, policy and form early contracts.


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Vornair Duchy

The Stormlands

Stormlands Gold 300


“Brothers! Sisters! Hear my words on this most illustrious of days. For too long have the proud people of the Stormlands lived under the rule of weak and feckless leaders. For too long have we been hobbled by those unwilling to do what was needed. I loved my father deeply, and I know that he loved this land, but he was no king. He was not born to lead men.

The Stormlands were once home to great heroes, the birthplace of Kings and Queens, warlords and conquerors, master craftsmen and sages of unsurpassed renown. But that was then, and this is now. Centuries of decline have left what was once glorious in ruins. The vaunted halls of the Stormlands lay crumbling and forgotten.

There was a time when the spears of the Stormlands struck fear into the hearts of our enemies. There was a time when our cities were the envy of nations across this world. What was once the heartland of an unsurpassed empire has been relegated to a backwater by those who tremble at what we once were.

No longer. A reawakening is sweeping these lands. Old blood, the blood of heroes long past, once again sings in the veins of our men and women. What was once great can be great again. What has been lost will be reclaimed. The Stormlands are rising. A Storm Is Coming.”

High Lord Morbis Alabast
Upon the ascension to his title.

Who is the Duke?

My name is Morbis, and I am a fully paid off, pledged Duke. I’m a lifelong gamer starting from when my Dad first introduced me with his Sega Master System. Over those years, I have been involved in the leadership of multiple large guilds, frequently taking the position of the right hand man to the ultimate group leader. I have essentially been playing the role of a Duke for the majority of my adult gaming career.

I am also the host of The Town Crier, a weekly CoE focused Podcast. I am perhaps one of the most publicly visible members of the community after the Monarchs and BicycleWalrus. My opinion on many of the important positions that a Duke might hold within ‘Chronicles of Elyria’ are a matter of public record. You will know exactly what you are getting if you decide to join The Stormlands.

Thematic Direction of the Stormlands


The Stormlands are a once powerful nation, long forgotten by its allies, now reawakening to their ancient heritage. Ravaged by near constant storms summoned by an ancient and unknowable artifact, the Stormlands have suffered through centuries of weak rulers, all of whom have forsaken their heroic blood. But now a new generation has come to power, a generation promising a return to the old ways of glory.

The Stormlands are the perfect Duchy for those who want to strive towards greatness, understanding that the clearest path is through hard work and dedication. Those looking to live in an environment that promotes friendly competition, that promotes the belief that self improvement ultimately leads to the improvement of the group, will find like minded compatriots within the Stormlands.

Though we intend to strike our own path culturally, we will be drawing inspiration from a number of sources. The ancient Greek concept of Arete is core to the social contract of the Stormlands. The classical building style of the ancient Romans, combined with particular social norms of the ancient Scots will also feature heavily within our lands.

It is important to note that I intend the Stormlands to be culturally cosmopolitan. The norms found in one county might not mirror those found in another. The themes brought in by new Counts will be critical to making the Stormlands a varied and interesting Duchy.

Who are the Stormlands looking for?

Looking For.png

The Stormlands are primarily looking to comprehensively fill out our Count and Mayor/Baron rosters. A strong foundation of pledged Counts is critical to our ability to enter the game in a strong and stable manner. We currently believe that to be successful, we will need at least fifteen active Counts, and each of those counties will need to have their own strong roster of Mayors and Barons.

Most importantly we are looking for relaxed, laid-back Counts who are willing to put in the work necessary to build up their own communities. I am a firm believer that good temperament and willingness to improve trump all other qualities in a leader. A lack of leadership experience will not necessarily be seen as a black mark against potential Counts as long as they exhibit those other two traits.

We will also need people to fill out those counties. The Stormlands encourages each and every one of our affiliated Counts to aggressively recruit to do just that. We will provide whatever support deemed necessary to give our Counts a leg up in this regard, all they have to do is ask.

There is a place for almost every playstyle within the Stormlands, and we will endeavour to provide a safe and stable environment for our citizens to grow and build within the game. Whether you want to defend the realm against roving bands of bandits, build a merchant-led monopoly that spans the continent, or simply own a small farm in the mountains, the Stormlands welcomes you with open arms.

What makes the Stormlands special?

What makes us Special.png

First and foremost, the Stormlands will stand for the principle that the improvement of the individual is the improvement of the group. As I hinted at earlier, I am a firm believer in the ability of the common person to accomplish great things when properly supported, and one of the core tenets of the Stormlands is ensuring we are there to provide that support. Too often, people discount themselves as lacking the necessary talent or skill in a field, immediately excluding themselves from really achieving self improvement.

The notion of unsurmountable inborn talent will be anathema within the Stormlands. We will constantly push our citizens to be the very best Elyrians they can be, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones and participate in areas of the game they might otherwise ignore. It is my belief that every willing citizen should be fully capable of supporting themselves both economically and in terms of personal security, and that is an ideal that will be central to daily life within the Stormlands. An invader to our lands will find a spear waiting behind every blade of grass, often wielded by the individual who forged it.

By fostering such an environment of simultaneous exceptionalism and dilettantism, it is my hope that the Stormlands will grow into a powerhouse that rivals even those Duchies of the Kings and Queens of Elyria.

Why is the Duchy called The Stormlands

Relic.pngWhat will really make the Stormlands unique within Elyria will be accomplished through the use of my design experience. Rather than choosing to have a personal set of armour built by the developers, as per the Duke tier pledge, I will instead be choosing to drop my design experience down to have a relic designed. This relic will, hopefully, mirror the capabilities of the Bowl of Winds from the book series the Wheel of Time.

At the beginning of the game, this relic will effectively be stuck on one mode, causing near constant storms to gust throughout the Duchy. These storms will have raged for so long that the people of Elyria will have forgotten the original name of the land, instead naming it for its most prominent feature.

The outline for this Relic has been discussed with the developers, and they seemed receptive to the idea. The exact nature still has to be worked out, but I am confident that the core concept will make it through their requirements.


The Geography of the Stormlands


Ideally, the Stormlands will be positioned within a mountainous, temperate land, featuring plenty of rivers and some form of access to the sea. Given that such land is likely going to be the first choice of many Duchies, instead I feel that a priority list is more informative on how I will be positioning the Stormlands. Those features higher on the list will be granted higher priority than those lower:

  1. Mountains. The presence of mineral-rich mountains is core to my vision of the Stormlands. I intend for my personal County to specialise in the large scale production of metal goods, specifically weapons and armour, and if possible, I would like to extend such a speciality to the Duchy proper. Doing so will require ready access to base materials, which are most likely to be found within mountains. However, even without this choice of speciality, I find the aesthetic of mist-clad mountains particularly resonant.
  2. Temperate. The features of my native Scotland are particularly appealing to me, again for primarily aesthetic reasons, and as such I would like the Stormlands to closely resemble those features. By settling within a temperate climate, we will also guarantee a level of fecundity that will allow the Stormlands to feed itself.
  3. Densely Forested. Once again, primarily for aesthetic reasons. Sprawling forests that fuel the flames of industry while simultaneously sparking tales of fell beasts and long lost ruins makes the storyteller in me all aflutter.
  4. Rivers. Access to fresh water, easy trade with those both up and down stream, and the interesting fauna of the Elyrian river systems all call to me. It would be rather difficult to raise packs (holts?) of Otterbears without ready access to their natural habitats. I’d rather not run Elyria Seaworld.
  5. Ocean Access. While it would be nice, and a playstyle that I would support, nautical themed adventures have never really struck a chord with me. Trade advantages, plus the military possibilities such access would provide, are highly valued, but not such that it places this feature higher on the list.

Roleplay within the Stormlands


Obviously, if you have read this far, you can tell that I like to write stories and build worlds. I have an extremely deep history within the tabletop RP community, involving myself in both their play and their actual development, though always as an amateur. This passion easily transfers over into the digital realm.

Although I do not tend to involve myself in what I call “tavern RP”, I have no issue with those that do. Instead, I prefer a more action-orientated form of roleplay, where the stories that naturally develop through the world are picked up on and magnified as much as possible. I would much rather participate in an epic quest to craft the ultimate weapon, than sit about in an inn and talk about how it happened.

This is the style that I will be pushing within the Stormlands. If you want to build an epic story, go out and perform epic deeds. If you want to be known as the greatest bard in the land, go out and perform original material in the inns and courts of the nobility. Do, rather than Be.

Joining the Stormlands

Joining the Stormlands this early on is relatively simple for most people. Those looking to join as citizens, barons and mayors need only visit our community Discord and make their intentions known.

On the other side of things, those Counts that look to join the Stormlands will undergo a friendly interview before being allowed to pledge their loyalty. This is to make sure that the expectations of those Counts aligns with what will be required of them, as well as to make sure we do not allow toxic individuals to poison whatever community we have built. This interview will also be conducted on Discord.

You can join our Discord by clicking the picture below. Once you join please look at the Welcome Channel and follow the dirrections.

 Discord Stomlands.png


The Government of the Stormlands

Gov of Stormlands.png

The Stormlands will follow a relatively standard form of feudalism, with the in-game positions of power roughly translating to position of government. Those higher on the feudal hierarchy can expect to wield more political clout on the long-term goals of the Duchy, while those lower will be able to make their will known through representatives.

I am absolute in my determination that the common people of the Stormlands have some avenue for political expression, and the current intent is to allow that through a series of bureaucratic councils. It has been my experience in running gaming communities that most attempts at a true bureaucracy in online games tend to fail, and so these councils will initially be kept both loose and advisory until our ability to support firmer rule has coalesced.

The lowest form of these councils will be the People’s Council. Each county will be given the opportunity to run a democratic election from which a representative will be nominated to sit on the People’s Council. These representatives will meet at set dates with the Duke, allowing any issues from the common people to be expressed directly. Re-elections will be hosted on a semi-regular basis, and oversight of these elections will be provided by the Duke and their staff.

Above this will be the First Council. Each Count will be given a seat on this council for as long as they hold their hereditary title. The First Council will likewise meet with the Duke to discuss Duchy wide matters and to commit to large scale projects. This seat will be held by the title, rather than the individual, and so any changes to the holder of that title would immediately result in changes to the council.

Alongside this will be the Second Council. This council will be made up of ‘High Barons’ who will act as the Duchy’s generals and chief judiciaries. These High Barons will be selected by the Duke from the pool of Barons within the Duchy. This council will generally only meet during times of particular unease within the Duchy, such as during times of war.

And lastly there will be the Close Council. This council will be made up of individuals directly chosen by the Duke. This council will act with the authority of the Duke in most matters, effectively acting as a ‘Hand of the King’.

Otherwise, the day-to-day managing of the lands will be left to those who are, per the feudal system responsible for them. The work involved in the running of a Duchy is far too much for one person alone, or even a council of people. The delineation of these responsibilities is a necessity for the smooth running of the lands, even if it might occasionally slow down the decision making process.

Responsibilities of the Counts

Each Count will be given ultimate responsibility for the commercial and social growth of their County. They will be required to recruit and administer those who join their lands, as well as act as an intermediary towards the Duke for their people. Overarching goals for the realm will be passed down from the Duke, and it will be expected that the Count and his staff will act in the best interest of those goals.

Responsibilities of the Barons

Each Baron will be empowered by the Duke to police the territory assigned to them. They will be supported monetarily to recruit and train a standing militia capable of responding to local threats, as well as recruiting and supporting contingents of full-time soldiers who will assist in the policing and training of the local population.

During times of war, the Barons will be responsible for marshalling the militias within their territory and leading them in any engagements.

Responsibilities of the High Barons

High Baron will be a title specifically created for the Stormlands, and does not currently have a mechanical or pledge level analogue. High Barons will be individuals selected from the ranks of the standing military, and each will be assigned a region of Barons to manage. They will act as an intermediary between those Barons the the Counts within their region, as well as acting as a source of authority for minor concerns.

By removing Barons from the standard feudal chain in this manner, it is my hope that they will be made exempt from the daily politics of County life. This will assist in allowing those Barons to focus more of their time on their own, more security oriented tasks.

During times of war, the High Barons will act as the generals and commanders of the armies of the Stormlands, leading their Barons into the fray

Responsibilities of the Mayors

Mayors will act under the supervision of their local Count to build up the commercial and social growth of their villages, towns and cities. The exact method of this supervision will largely be under the control of the local Count, with general oversight provided by the Duke to prevent abuse.

Responsibilities of the Common Folk

The Common Folk will act in the best interest of the Duchy in all that they do. They will pledge allegiance to their local Count, and commit themselves to a path of self improvement. In doing this, they will also commit themselves to improving the Duchy proper.

Military focus of the Stormlands

Stormlands Military.png

The Stormlands will field the most skilled heavy infantry on the server. This is my ultimate goal for the military. The spearmen of the Stormlands will be the match of any soldier of any foreign military. Through constant competition, training, and innovation we will make the server tremble when the Stormlands march to war.

We will disseminate the lessons learnt by our professional army down to the everyday citizenry so that they too may defend themselves. By empowering the common folk of the Duchy, we will protect our lands side by side, with little to differentiate those who dedicate their lives to the defence of the realm and those with more social or commercial desires.

Economic focus of the Stormlands

Stormlands Economy.png

Stormlander weapons and armour will be found throughout whichever Kingdom we call home. They will be sought out by the quartermaster of armies across the world. King and Queens will demand Stormlander steel for their honour guards. We will grow wealthy selling our arms to allies during times of peace, and dominant in war wielding them against our enemies.

It is expected that each of our Counts will have their own particular areas of expertise, and we will make every attempt at leveraging those specialties to the benefit of the Duchy. As mentioned earlier, a degree of flexibility and willingness to step outside of one's comfort zones will be heavily promoted within the Stormlands, and that is expected to influence our commercially focused citizens as much as our militaristic ones.

I would particularly enjoy attracting a County interested in the breeding and taming of animals to the Duchy. The possibility of Stormlander mounts being traded across the continent alongside Stormlander steel is something I would love to aim for.

Competition within the Stormlands

Competition.pngCompetition and the constant self improvement of one's abilities is central to life in the Stormlands, and this will be made evident through a series of friendly competitions that will run throughout the land.

At the highest level this will involve setting each of the Duchy's Counties against each other in regular tournaments, covering a wide range of skills and professions. Each Count will be given the opportunity to nominate participants in these tournaments, with the winning County being granted boons, as well as prestigious titles, until the next round of events.

The boons granted through these tournaments will always be relatively minor in power. The intent is not to allow those who succeed to rise up even further, but to encourage everyone within the Duchy to actively improve themselves and strive for greatness.

The Counts and Mayors of the Stormlands will be encouraged to run similar competitions within their own lands. By creating ladders of advancement for individuals, from a local town’s tournament up to the grand tournaments hosted by the Duchy, we will provide the motivation to begin on the path to greatness.

Miscellaneous Stormlands information

  • The official colours of the Stormlands will be the deep blue and shining silver of a storm ravaged sky.
  • The official emblem of the Stormlands will be a silver stormcloud throwing down three bolts of golden lightning, two smaller, minor bolts and one larger, central primary bolt.
  • The official motto of the Stormlands is “A Storm is Coming”,
  • People from the Stormlands are Stormlanders, and they do Stormlander things.


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The Rhynelands


Bred for war and hardship the people of the Rhyne are a coarse people. Over the ages their people have become as steel, tempered by the mountains they call home, the creatures that dwell there, and brutal warfare for countless years. They are strong willed and passionate, and quick to gut someone to protect their own. To earn your clan’s respect (not demand it) and be remembered in legend and story is the utmost honor to be bestowed upon a Rhynelander.

Stories of skilled warriors, ingenious engineers, masterful tacticians, world explorers, priests of great power, and even legendary potato farmers who it is said grew a potato so large that it could feed a pterroguin for weeks, and indeed a pterroguin did come down and snatch it though the farmer ultimately bola’d the potato to the pterrogruin’s feet. Thus the legend of the flying potato monster in the sky began!




We are here to set the bar for what success looks like in CoE for a Duchy. We are meta builders, theory crafters, and guide publishers that will work to ensure that every member of the Rhynelands has what they need to meet and exceed their bars for success then set a new bar. Forever setting the bar. While creating guides, metas, and theorycrafting is important to us in the Rhynelands competition is even more so, therefore we will be ensuring that we are publicly publishing guides for most, if not all things, concerning CoE. This is to encourage competition on our servers and ensure we have a reason to keep that bar rising.


The Rhynelanders approach everyone with absolutely no sense of entitlement, for they are entitled only to what each of them earn. No Rhyne would ask someone to bow before them, and often times they will bow before those persons whom have earned that respect from them. The Rhynelanders have a rich history of military, civil, and diplomatic service in their tribe, and value these skills very dearly. They have also had figures in their clan with large focuses on pursuits of engineering when industry's need was desperate for it, and to this day, members of the Rhynelands can be found tinkering and utilizing their ingenuity to the benefit of all.


Our economy is focused on the success of the whole. While we operate as more of a capitalistic duchy our guilds and government work in concert to align groups around the goals of the community. We use our influential groups as a bundle of sticks in order to ensure that it is in everyone's best interest to work together for the greater good of the whole. We encourage the members of our duchy to consolidate their guilds into one larger guild for each profession or to at the very least build up a conglomerate of sorts to work together as opposed to against each other. There will be plenty of random people spawning into our lands to create competition for our groups, we have no desire to create competition between ourselves. Additionally having these larger cooperative groups encourages those who are spawning into our lands to participate and be ultimately constructive to our community rather than destructive.


There are three branches of military in the Rhynelands. An Army, a Navy, and a Guard force. 

The Army is currently unnamed but it is ran by the amazingly skilled, and organized folks over at Legacy Gaming. Their main stronghold and academy where they teach much much more than just combat tactics is called Nifflheim and is located in the Rhynelands. Our army includes people from all over the Kingdom not just our duchy, and is completely merit based. Small unit leadership, squad type PvP tactics, and a fair "earn your rank" system is utilized to ensure that this group is a force not to be trifled with.

Vaeringjar Guard is an elite group of honorable and loyal men and women dedicated to the Rhynelands, its defense, and the upholding of the Rhynelands law and order. The Vaeringjar are not only peace-keepers, but detectives, animal handlers, undercover agents, and for a select few, the King’s personal guard. While Rhynelands defense and justice is their primary purview, they will be asked to fight with the Army when needed. All of the Counties of the Rhynelands run their own branch of guards which network together to form the Vaerinjar guard. They are all required to train with the Army at branches of the Nifflheim academy so that they can be ready in the event they are called to arms. Past that their purview is the protection and law enforcement of the settlements within the Rhynelands.

The Draugr Fleet is a salty group of liquid courageous sailors, drunk master crafters, and tactically brilliant inebriated pirates. In real life the majority of us are a group of salty sailors looking to mix our real life experience with our PvP game experience. Ocean exploration and domination of the waterways is our main goal. There will not be a more feared group on the high seas nor a more secure way to travel on the water than with our fleet.


The culture of the Rhynelands is one of variety. Every clan in the Rhynelands is able to create their own culture and run their cultures as they see fit. We have a wide array of various cultures in our people of the Rhynelands and we intend to keep it that way. Ultimately the vast majority of us are min/maxers and have a close knit kinship with one another. We hang out in discord, poke fun at things, meme about and just enjoy our time together doing everything we can to help each other be as successful as we can be in our chosen win conditions and as a community. If you are looking for a rich in character culture, this isnt the place for you. Plenty of other duchies with that type of feel to it. This one isn't it.


Count/Countesses of the RoundThe Count/Countesses of the Round exists only to make Duchy-wide decisions / laws. County-specific laws will be handled at their level by whatever means the Count/Countesses choose to manage them. So long as the County’s laws do not supersede the Kingdom or Duchy law or directly affect the other Counties. For further information on how each County will run it is recommended that you join our discord or our website and look at the County recruitment posts. Each Count/Countess will choose a virtue in which they will strive to embody. These virtues are completely up to them and will be utilized to show what our Duchy truly values at its highest levels.Until Land Selection is conducted, Count/Countesses within the Rhynelands are recruited and retained in a merit based system. Those that are active and clearly filling their Counties will remain in the Rhynelands, those that do not will be asked to find a new Duchy as we have a finite amount of Count/Countess spots. The Rhynelands is recruiting 36 Count/Countesses to be locked in at land selection and another 12 Count/Countesses that will not be locked in (ideally higher influence Count/Countesses that are comfortable not being locked in.). As of current we are sitting at 38 and in need of another 10 interested Count / Courtier tier pledges. Contact Adam Burrfoot on the forums, or Evelake Rhyne in Discord.High CouncilThe High Council positions are appointed directly by the King and Queen. They may be given explicit permission to act with the authority of the Queen or King. All High Council members can submit laws, policies, regulations, or initiatives for the Count/Countesses of the Round to vote on, and will attend meetings to speak as the submitter as well as advise the King on their areas of expertise.To inquire about any of these positions please join our discord and message anyone in the leadership.

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The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden, led by Grand Jarl Copin Bälen, has been the home of Clan Bälen and its sworn clans for centuries. The duchy itself is exceptionally large due to the incorporation of lands retaken during the War of Many Banners. The inhabitants of the duchy have historically been fairly reclusive and have been holed up in the deep forests and mountains of the region that is now the Kingdom of Vornair. A bit rough around the edges, the Bälens are a hearty and friendly folk from unnaturally large stock. It is only just recently that they have joined civilization and become a prominent political force in the region.


Initially, Erzhalden only encompassed a typical duchy-sized area. However, following the War of Many Banners, the Rhynes, after naming Copin Bälen I as Jarl of the area, subsequently rewarded Erzhalden for their major contributions during the war with a large swath of land taken back from the Empire of Xeilias.

The people of Erzhalden were bred for war and have not forgotten what their fathers and grandfathers went through during the war against Xeilias. Members of the military of Erzhalden will be those who wish to continue this tradition of strength and make their ancestors proud.

Additionally, due to their vast access to natural resources and land size, Clan Bälen and those that follow them have had resounding success in the areas of crafting and research. The current seat of power is the mountain stronghold of Bärenburg, an extremely well defended crafting hub which houses several major guilds.



A Grand Duchy is a duchy that holds more than one Duke title. We currently hold three. As such, we'll ideally have more biomes, more counties for people to reside in, and more resources to exploit. That being said, if there is an issue of room come land selection where there isn't enough for my second duchy, I will be forced to sell for EP in order to accommodate the other pledged dukes.

Being pledged to one of the great clans of Vornair enables a plethora of opportunities. By joining us, you will be connected to some of the most brilliant craftsman in the Kingdom and be part of a longstanding tradition of strength. The following are reasons why joining us would benefit you:

  • Non-nobles, crafters, and farmers can apply for a parcel of land so they can contribute their skills to the duchy
  • Novel shops/guilds (ones we don't have in a specific area and are in need of one), can apply interest free loans in addition to the land to create their ideas.
  • Soldiers who wish to join will receive free training and housing and eventually a plot of land for your services.
  • The nobility and aristocracy will receive duchy support in defending your reputation and land, as well as any pre-approved aggressive action. Additionally, you will have access to the technology that the duchy-level guilds research.
  • We run on a system of character lifetime meritocracy. Each character has the potential to lead. If one of the council members dies, they do not automatically retain their position on the council. The position will be bequeathed to another senior character, at which time they'll continue in that position until they are removed by the Grand Jarl, or their character dies.


We have two main goals as a duchy: Knowledge and Strength. As such, we will be looking for people who have a strong drive for research, and those with the capacity to utilize that research.

  • Knowledge is defined by this duchy as being technological advancement in crafting. We will be a major guild hub with guilds for almost every craft. Our goal is to be the finest researchers that Elyria has to offer.
  • Strength is defined by this duchy as meaning a strong and active military ready to meet any threat. While not aggressive by nature, but any attack will be mercilessly countered using every resource available to the duchy.

Additionally, we will need traders, adventurers, and any other type of play-style you can think of to make this a successful area of the world.



The clans of Erzhalden have a norse or germanic theme. Because of this, the preferred biome for the duchy will be Mountain Forest, and with the second duchy, will ideally include coastline and some plains for farming. If the norse or germanic theme isn't necessarily something you're interested in, you may still be able to find a place. The theme is not forced in any way. With two duchy choices, it should give us a better opportunity to meet all the citizens' needs.


As mentioned earlier, the warriors of Erzhalden are some of the finest in the Kingdom of Vornair and as such, will be extremely busy. They have always been engaged in some form of conflict, internal or external. We will be using the tech advantage we gain from the guilds system to equip our military with the best equipment available. In peace, the military will maintain order and find new lands so we can continue to grow. In wartime, we will stand alongside the King in defense of the Kingdom. To that end, we are seeking players who enjoy focused and organized PvP (or PvE for taking out the NPCs) experiences. Ideal candidates will be self sufficient and adaptable, but also respect the chain of command and current goals of the duchy. Those who demonstrate their loyalty and competence will be rewarded for their services with new lands, titles, and wealth.

The current structure is illustrated with this chart:

  • Grand Jarl - Leader of the duchy.
  • Supreme Commander - Typically the Grand Jarl is in this position. However, if the workload becomes too great in times of conflict, the Grand Jarl will appoint a temporary Supreme Commander to make sure organization is kept at maximum efficiency. They would oversee strategic implementation of the entire military force in times of conflict.

  • Grand Marshal - Leader and top position of the Army of Erzhalden. Potentially oversees multiple armies.
  • General - Top position in an army. If there is only one army, the Grand Marshal will also cover this position. In charge of 3 Battalions, which makes 1 army.
  • Captain of the Horse - Subordinate to the General. If the stretch goal is reached for mounted combat, this position will be in charge of the Cavalry (Light, Heavy) aspect of the army their assigned army. In charge of a Battalion. A Battalion consists of 3 Companies.
  • Captain of the Missile Corps - Subordinate to the General and in charge of the missile (Bow, Crossbow, Javelin, Thrown Axes, etc) aspect of their assigned army. In charge of a Battalion. A Battalion consists of 3 Companies.
  • Captain of the Infantry - Subordinate to the General and in charge of the Infantry (Light, Heavy) aspect of their assigned army. In charge of a Battalion. A Battalion consists of 3 Companies.

Note: Counts who wish to join the army will begin at the Captain rank.

  • Lieutenant - Subordinate to a Captain, the Lieutenant will be in charge of a group from one of the above listed sub-categories (Heavy Infantry, Light Cavalary, etc). They will be in charge of a Company. A Company consists of 3 Platoons.
  • Lieutenant of the Engineer Corps - One of the special groups in the military, the Engineer Corps will be in charge of Siege Engines and also defensive structures. A lieutenant will be in charge of this element of the army they serve.
  • Lieutenant of the Ranger Corps - One of the special groups in the military, The Ranger Corps will consist of Scouts and First strike teams. A lieutenant will be in charge of this element of the army they serve.

Note: Barons who wish to join the army will begin at the Lieutenant rank.

  • Master Sergeant - Highest enlisted rank in the army and leader of a Platoon. They will oversee the day to day operations of their Platoon. A platoon consists of 3 squads.
  • Sergeant - The baseline enlisted role of the army after they complete their training. They are the workhorses of the army and will be asked to perform many different duties. Will be the leader of a squad of NPCs.
  • Recruit - This role will be for people who have just joined the army. They will be required to raise their skills to a certain point, at which time they will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Note: Everyone who serves in the army is capable of climbing the ranks to the top. Nobility get a boost due to their noble birth, but that does not mean non-nobility is incapable of surpassing them.

  • Fleet Admiral - Leader and top position of the Naval Forces of Erzhalden. Potentially oversees multiple fleets.
  • Admiral - Top position in a fleet. If there is only one fleet, the Fleet Admiral position will also cover this position. They will typically command the largest class available to the navy at the time. Will be in charge of 1-3 Captains.
  • Merchant Admiral - Top Position in a Merchant Fleet. The Merchant fleets would cover the transporting of cargo, as well as people, from one place to another. They will typically command the largest class of ship available to the merchant navy at the time. Will be in charge of 1-3 Captains.
  • Captain - Position subordinate Admiral or Merchant Admiral. They could be the first mate on the Admiral's ship, or have command of their own ship. If in command of their own, they will have one of the larger classes of ships. Counts who wish to be part of the navy will begin at this rank. Will be in charge of 1-3 Lieutenants.
  • Lieutenant - Position subordinate to Captain, Lieutenants will likely either be the first mate to a Captain, or have command of a smaller vessel. Barons/Mayors who wish to be part of the navy will begin at this rank. Will be in charge of multiple Senior Crewmen.

  • Senior Crewman - Top enlisted rank in the navy. They will oversee the day to day operations of the ship they serve on. Will be in charge of multiple Crewmen.
  • Crewman - The baseline enlisted role of the navy after they complete their training. They are the workhorses of the navy and will be asked to peform many different duties while serving aboard their ship. Will likely have NPCs under them to control.
  • Crewman Recruit - This role will be for people who have just joined the navy. They will be required to raise their skills to a certain point, at which time they will be promoted to the rank of Crewman.

Note: Everyone who serves in the navy is capable of climbing the ranks to the top. Nobility get a boost due to their noble birth, but that does not mean non-nobility is incapable of surpassing them.

  • Bearguard Commander - In command of the Guards/Town Watch of the Capital.
  • Grand Jarl's Personal Guard - Will consist of the personal guard of the Grand Jarl.
  • City Watch Lieutenant - Subordinate to the Guard Commander. They will be in charge of a few Sergeants.
  • City Watch Sergeant - Subordinate to a Lieutenant, the sergeant will have a few NPCs under their direct control.
  • City Watch Recruit - This role will be for people who have just joined the city watch. They will be required to raise their skills to a certain point, at which time they will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Note: Counts or Barons who wish to join the city watch or personal guard will begin at the Lieutenant rank (rare in either case due to their own commitments to their own city/county).

  • Spymaster - In charge of the Agents of Erzhalden. The spymaster will provide them with their orders.
  • Agents - Each Agent will have their assigned role/specialty. These orders will be given by the Spymaster. Most Agents will be unaware of fellow agents.

The crafting guilds of Erzhalden will be an official duchy-wide supported operation. Within our system, each guild will have a guildmaster who will work with the Duchy's Guild Overseer (Council member) who will then facilitate the sale of goods through the merchant's guild. This includes internal and external sales. The system will also allow for each individual to earn profit based on their current rank and contribution towards a specific goal, as well as earn individual profit by fulfilling personal work orders.

  • Guild of the Arts: Alchemist, Cook, Artist, Tinkerer
  • Bowyer's Guild: Carpenter, Fletcher
  • Guild of Builders: Candlemaker, Carpenter, Glass Blower, Mason, Blacksmith, Tinkerer
  • Guild of Records: Scribe, Cartographer, Papermaker
  • Tailoring Guild: Tailor, Leatherworker
  • Provisioner's Guild: Alchemist, Cook, Candlemaker, Glass Blower
  • Smith's Guild: Blacksmith, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Tinkerer
  • Miner's Guild: Miner, Prospector
  • Naturalists Guild: Lumberjack, Herbalist, Hunter, Farmer
  • Merchants Guild: The final sale facilitators
  • Shipwright Guild: Carpenter, Blacksmith, Tailor
  • Guildsguard: Guards the Teamsters and any guild related caravan.
  • Teamsters Guild: The transport service of resources from point of collection to the nearest guild warehouse. Also may shuttle partially completed products to their end destination.
  • Banking Guild: Will handle the minting and banking system of the duchy-level system.
  • Erzhalden Revenue Service: Handles the taxes of the duchy and managed by the Steward.

These groupings are not final and is only an example of the organizational structure that we want to have. Obviously, there will be some overlap between many of the professions, and many guilds may share certain professions within their guild. This overlap also allows for more people to feel they are contributing in a meaningful way. For example, carpenters will likely need to be available for the Smith's Guild, the Bowyer's Guild, and the Guild of Builders. A new carpenter can choose any of these guilds to join and focus on that specific aspect of carpentry. If one guild is a bit overcrowded with carpenters, they can always move to another and contribute more, and potentially have better revenue generating opportunities. They also have the same ability to rise in ranks within their respective guilds as any other member even if that specific guild is the only user of that profession. This also gives some variety for characters in different lifetimes to try new things regarding their craft.

From what we know of starting characters, Non-Traditional Characters (NTC) will have a slight advantage after their family apprenticeship due to their skills learned during that time-frame. As such, they will get a slight boost in ranking if they decide to not continue their own shop and join a Guild. Our current thoughts on ranks are as follows:

With this system, it allows us to have a path of progression for every character. After the death of a character, their slot will open up to be filled by someone lower. For example, if the GM dies, the Master would then take the position (unless there are more than 1 Masters, which is discussed below). The Soul that was now formerly a GM will have to re-enter their guild as an apprentice. However, due to the soul system and retention of some skill from your previous life, progression may be faster than normal. The other path to progression would be the opening of a new "chapter" of the guild. If another area of the duchy is discovered to have an abundance of resources that would warrant a second facility, instead of shipping raw materials to the capital, a new chapter may be opened in that area. New chapters will be available to Masters first and then down the ranks until someone accepts the positions. The current thoughts on the breakdown for number of people per rank are:

  • Guildmasters: Always 1
  • Masters: 5%, but always at least 1
  • Experts: 15%
  • Journeymen: 60%
  • Apprentices: 20%

This means with a Guild of 20 people, there would be 4 Apprentices, 12 Journeymen, 3 Experts, 1 Master, 1 Guildmaster. The reason for only 1 Master is that the Master is in a way the defacto "successor" to the Guildmaster title. However, if enough people have joined, this would add a second Master. Rank increases are completely merit/skill based. If two Masters are competing for the Guildmaster position, they will be judged purely on their contributions to the Guild as a whole, and their skill in the specific craft they have focused on. However, one of the Masters may decide (if the opportunity is available) to become the Guildmaster in another chapter of the guild, which would then allow the other Master to become the Guildmaster of that extra chapter of the guild.

Each rank will have different roles and responsibilities. All members will have work quotas to meet based on contracts received. These ranks' basic roles are as follows:

Guildmaster: Guildmaster are the leaders of their guild. Their main responsibilities will be working and coordinating with the Duchy's Guild Overseer to make sure their guild has the supplies they need to function. They also have the authority to contact guilds outside the duchy guilds to procure items needed for products (approved through the Overseer). They will also work with the Masters to dictate the direction of research. Additionally, they will have a direct ear to the nobility when needed. When a Guildmaster dies, one of the Masters will be elected by the guild. If there is only one Master, then there is no vote. However, if there are 2 or more Masters, the entire guild will vote with the following weights:

  • Masters: 4 votes
  • Experts: 2 votes
  • Journeymen: 1 vote
  • Apprentices: .5 votes

Masters: Masters will be responsible for handling the highest quality of work orders (Ex. Weapons and armor for the King's Guard) as well as dictating the research paths the guild will be going down (with approval by the Guildmaster of course). Masters are also the only ones eligible for election into the Guildmaster position.

Experts: Experts have been around long enough that they should be able to handle most of the guild's available techniques and blueprints. Non-traditional characters that demonstrate appropriate skill start as experts as they should have the skills during their NTC training to be at this level. Experts will fill special higher-end contracts (Ex. Higher quality weapons or armor than the base level) as well as contribute a large amount of their time to guild research. Experts also will be responsible for most of the training of Apprentices. Additionally, Experts, like Journeymen, may fulfill personal contracts for customers.

Journeymen: The workhorses of the guild. These members have become proficient enough to contribute to research as well as most of the work orders the guild receives. Journeymen may also begin to fill personal contracts (a personal request from a customer). They may purchase materials to fill this personal service at cost. The profit from this transaction is outside the guild and directly into the Journeyman's pocket.

Apprentices: The lowest rank of the guild. This is for brand new characters with almost zero skills. Their main goal is to train. They will also begin to help some of the basic work orders that they can manage with their low level of skill. Ex. a Blacksmith making some nails (assumed a low skill level requirement).

Even though this is duchy run, it does not mean there is no room for profit for those involved. As such, there will be multiple avenues you can take to attain a profit. These ways are:

This system ensures that for every individual who contributes their skills to the fulfillment of a large work order, a percentage of the total project's profits equal to their current rank multiplied by their contribution percentage will be paid.the percentage is the system so that for every individual who works towards a large work order goal to earn a percentage of that profit based on their current rank in the Guild as well as their contribution towards that work order. Currently, we don't know enough of the in-game systems to have any specific numbers but after Kingdom-wide taxes are taken into account, we're looking at about a 70:30 split. 70% of the profits going to the guild and 30% going back to the duchy. Obviously, a portion of that 70% would go back towards operating costs, however, the Guildmaster would get the most and would work it's way down to even the apprentices. Our current thoughts of the final profit break down (70% minus the operating funds) would be something as follows:

  • Guildmaster: 20% (if only 1 master, then the extra 10% split between the current GM and Master 50/50 making the GM share 25%)
  • Masters(s): 10% each (if only 1 master, then the extra 10% split between the current GM and Master 50/50 making the Master share 15%)
  • Expert(s): 5% each
  • Journeymen: 3.0% each
  • Apprentice(s): 2.0% each

Note: Further percentage splits would occur if there is an uneven amount of members in a specific rank or if the number of contributors for an order is low.

Using these percentages and the number of people per position used above, the breakout of a final profit (after operating costs) of 100 gold would be roughly:

  • Guildmaster: 25 gold
  • Master: 15 gold
  • Experts: 5 gold each x 3
  • Journeymen: 3 gold each x 12
  • Apprentice(s): 2 gold each x 4

TOTAL: 99g (The extra 1g would be split with all members in this instance)

For the sake of clarity, only people who have put in the work towards a specific breakthrough or sale will gain the profit from that transaction. So for example, if there is a large bulk sale of Armor in the Blacksmith's guild, Weaponsmiths belonging to the same guild won't get any portion of that profit as they likely wouldn't have contributed to the production. This allows for greater profits for the individuals involved.

Additionally, the Merchant's guild in this instance would be working as the logistics wing of the operation. They wouldn't be marking up these goods because they would be pre-approved contracts and their fees for transport and safety of the order would be included in that contract.

Lastly, all bulk orders must be done through the Duchy's Guild Overseer.

Every member of the guild will have the ability to fulfill personal orders. Ideally, each guild will have multiple storefronts in the city and counties in which they reside where they can take orders from citizens. These would likely be small to medium orders, such as a personalized sword or perhaps they need some wooden planks for the construction of a house they're building. Any guild member will be able to take these orders. Depending on the quality and budget of the person ordering, a guild member of a more appropriate may be required to take the order instead. Someone may have a budget of 100 gold but a Grandmaster quality sword is selling for 200, so they may have to find a Journeyman or Expert to fulfill this order for them. As before, the Merchant's Guild would act as logistics in this capacity to get the goods to the shop fronts. Their fee for transport, if required, would be included in the final price to the customer. Personal Orders like this do not require Guild Overseer approval or supervision.

The last path for profit in our system is via members of the Merchant's guild. In the last two paths they acted only as the logistics arm of the operation. However, because of their membership, they will be afforded the opportunity to buy goods directly from the Guilds at a much lower price than market price (not low enough to be a loss to the guild itself). They will then be free to move these goods wherever they wish inside or outside the Kingdom in order to turn a profit. The price is paid, in full, up front by the Merchant's Guild member to the guild with which they are doing business. Any profit after that is the Merchant's to keep. This allows them freedom to keep their wagons stocked with whatever they feel will be necessary at their destination. As with personal orders, Merchant's guild orders, due to being smaller in nature, do not require Guild Overseer approval or supervision.

The Guilds' Overseer is the most important part of the bulk order machine. They will be the one to facilitate internal and external trading of large contracts. Intra-guild trading will be done with either a portion of the operating costs budget in that specific guild, or with direct trade in materials. All trades between guilds will go through the Guilds' Overseer office who will track all transactions. External trade will also be done by the Guilds' Overseer, who will move the goods to the Merchant's Guild who will then facilitate (and transfer) the final sale. In the case of large orders like this, the Merchant's guild is strictly a logistics wing and will be paid a base price for their transport and protection of the order.

Additionally, the guilds themselves will be tax exempt. Due to the duchy taking a percentage of profits, and it being supported by the duchy, it seems excessive to take taxes. However, this does not mean its members are tax exempt and all members of the guilds will be taxed like any citizen of the duchy.

Furthermore, this system is NOT mandatory. This is just a system in which people can help the duchy directly and work together as a group. If you wish to join as a free market guild, then you are free to do so just as you would in any other location. There will be no sanctions or negatives other than having to compete with the duchy-backed guilds.

When all is said and done, the Guilds of Erzhalden want to be a safe place for training the future crafters of the duchy and the kingdom. All of the things a new crafter needs will be provided to them in the guilds. As a new player, or anyone involved in crafting, there are a ton of advantages to join our system. You'll have room, board, be paid for your contributions to the guild, have access to free crafting facilities to sell your personal wares, and get materials at a discount. You'll also have the benefit of having, in one duchy, the entirety of our duchies' resources available to support the guilds. However, if anyone at any time wishes to take the skills they learned and move somewhere else to make their own way, then they are free to do this. We are not in the business of keeping people in the guilds against their will.

If this was entirely too much information for you to comb through, these are the key points about the duchy's guild system:

  1. Technology Advantage - The main goal is to work together as a duchy in order to gain the best technological advantage as rapidly as possible, which will enable us to hold the patents and sell to others. Everyone benefits from the funds generated from these patents.
  2. Military - With the technology advantage, this will allow us to equip our military with the latest and greatest, thus making us a formidable force.
  3. Personal Profit - Even though the bulk orders will be serviced by the guilds, you will still gain a portion of that profit. Additionally, there are plenty of personal profit opportunities within the guild system that do not require a bulk order.
  4. Tutorial location - The last reason, and likely most important for most people, will be this is a place of learning. New players can start in our guild structure and learn as much as they want and contribute during their time. If they decide they want to set off on their own, they can take the skills they've learned and go elsewhere.

All of this information is subject to change based on further information from Soulbound.

The current heads of the clan are Grand Jarl Copin Bälen, who has sworn fealty to the Kingdom of Vornair.


  • Chancellor - Countess Lorastina af Hrðirefr
  • Steward - Count Kalex Skrifa
  • Treasurer - Countess Ashanazai Var'gul
  • Guilds' Overseer - Count Strid Wynaut
  • Great Count of the North - open
  • Great Count of the South - open
  • Great Count of the East - open
  • Great Count of the West - open

Great Count positions will be filled after land selection

Council Duties

  • Chancellor - in charge of foreign affairs.
  • Steward - in charge of internal affairs and justice.
  • Treasurerin charge of trade, finance, and taxes.
  • Guilds' Overseer - in charge of the crafting guilds of Erzhalden.
  • Great Count of the North - the council representative of the Northern Counties.
  • Great Count of the South - the council representative of the Southern Counties.
  • Great Count of the East - the council representative of the Eastern Counties.
  • Great Count of the West - the council representative of the Western Counties.


Chronicler - Alvar Kahn

Governmental Duties

Chronicler - in charge of the records of the duchy.

Military Leaders

  • Grand Marshal - Count Dinnsear Bälen
  • Fleet Admiral - Count Antelino Bälen
  • Guard Commander - Baron Owen Bälen

Military Leader Duties

  • Grand Marshal - In charge of the armies of the duchy.
  • Fleet Admiral - In charge of the naval forces of the duchy.
  • Bearguard Commander - In charge of the Grand Jarl's Personal Guard and Bärenburg's(Duchy capital) Guards

The government is run by the Grand Jarl with the help of the Council. Additionally, all major Grand Duchy-level decisions will be decided by a vote. Most economic decisions will be decided by a council vote, with the Countsmoot advising and being allowed to speak their mind regarding the issue at hand. All Duchy-level military offensive actions must be approved by majority vote in the Countsmoot. The Countsmoot is a voting body comprised of the Counts(Counts) of the Grand Duchy.

You can join the discord by clicking the banner below: