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Ƶylphania is the name of an ancient kingdom that died many centuries ago. The Kingdom was made primarily of two lands: the twin duchies of Dawn and Dusk. Named after Zylpha Tymorica Dalmonicus Telineth Bombastus, a Thane of Dawnish border territory who led an expedition into the lands of Dusk to rid them of the terrible demon known as The Umberhawk. The Umberhawk was a ferocious demonic bird with deep onyx plumage and seven-eyes that glowed red like the blood of lost souls. Its shadowy claws were colder than the grave, and its piercing cry could shatter a mann's heart into shards of black ice. None dared to claim the area for habitation by mannkind. None, that is, apart from Thane Zylpha. The Lords of Dawn disavowed her, fearful that her incursion into the beast's territory would provoke it to attack Dawn. With what support she could muster, Zylpha marched into the darkness of Dusk.

They fought for a fortnight, neither side giving the other any hope of reprieve. Casualties on both sides brought the match to a near stand-still, until, in a moment of carelessness, the Umberhawk exposed one of its fagile, nebular eyes to the tip of Countess Zylpha's longspear. The beast was consumed by black flames, and a thick, oily smoke rose from the corpse for more than three months. During this time, Zylpha commissioned the settlement of the freshly liberated lands from among her people. Over the proceeding decades, she expanded her new domain to include neighboring Dawn and more, until she had amassed a petty Kingdom under her name. She died without a clear heir, and her triplet sons destroyed much of the kingdom squabbling over its remains. Ultimately, only Dusk was held by the Bombastus line.

The House managed to maintain the region of Dusk as The Duchy of Zylphania for nearly 80 years under the benevolent rule of Duke Maixent Felisidous Abercreston Didisonn Bombastus. In those days, Zylphania was a Freehold, and the land belonged to the people. Families came from all lands and backgrounds to work in peace on soil they each owned. The Duke commanded his Counts to give a free parcel of land to any family who would promise to develop it for the good of all. This command was seen by some Counts as a great burden.

They rose in revolt. Not all counties, but enough to bring an end to the era of peace and prosperity the Duke had built. What followed was over a century of bitter grief. The greedy traitors divided the land between them and oppressed the free people of Dusk, beginning an era of prejudice and pain.
That reign is now at an end. The last Lord of House Bombastus has reclaimed his birthright and title as lord of both Dusk and Dawn. He has lifted the heinous yoke of the oppressors and decreed that Ƶylphania will be a Freehold forever more. Even so, the scars of tyranny run deep, and the people of Dusk are wary.

Dawn's roots stretch back further than written memory. An ancient civilization once climbed the shores and cliffs of Dawn; kilometers upon kilometers of white stone towers and walls once gleamed in the morning light, sheltering uncounted citizens. This great land was home to the Dawn Wardens--tireless defenders of peace and justice. It was a name known throughout the world, and the aspiration of many a would-be knight was to be accepted in their ranks.

When the world burned, all of that ended. Now, Dawn is crumbled and ruined. The wilds have reclaimed much. The folk here speak of Dawn as the name of the land, with no memory of the once mighty knights or their righteous cause. There are whispers, however. Rumors tell that the fabled Dawn Wardens still linger in the deep wilds of Dawn, hidden and watching.




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The goal of the Duchy of Ƶylphania is to create a place for our individual stories to take center stage, and where we can all take part in building a great society. The  Three Pillars are the foundation in which all activities in Ƶylphania are grounded. Our aim is to maximize everyone's enjoyment.


This is an incredibly immersive game. Many of us have waited a very long time for a game of this scope and breadth to come along, and we owe it to ourselves to do our best to avoid breaking the immersion of other players. That is the essence of good role-play. In this Duchy we encourage all to become immersed and let others do the same. Some may be intimidated by the notion of role-play, but we hope those of us who are more experienced will take time to help newcomers find their feet.


As a duchy we will face shared troubles and enjoy shared triumph. It is well known that a united force can withstand any threat that would otherwise overwhelm an individual. While it is unavoidable that personalities or goals may conflict among us, the resultant contest born of that conflict should not unduly increase the mutual burdens of our union. In that spirit, the Duke has encoded a series of rules guiding internal conflict resolution. These formal structures for dueling at the gentry and nobility levels are designed to encourage direct and final satisfaction for most issues and to prevent rivalries from impacting the greater duchy.

Mutual Respect

We must be accepting of the diversity of our fellow players in all situations. It will be imperative that we treat one another with the respect due to any human being. It is only in this way that we can each grow to achieve our fullest potential. Prejudice and harassment of any player for any reason will not be tolerated. This includes, but is by no means limited to, a player's gender, genetic background, social background, worldview, age or game experience.


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The Duke has commissioned the creation of a tripartite governance structure.

The Great House

The Duke is the custodian of the land. His responsibilities are to ratify and enforce laws created by the Galleries of Governance, to provide for the military defense of the Duchy, and to appoint the noble members of the Gallery of Ministers.

Gallery of Ministers

The Ministers are chosen from among the noble houses of the realm, the exception being the Minister of Freeholders, who is elected by the Gallery of Freeholders to represent them.

Minister of Science
The Most Illustrious Marquis Dal Riata of Arenthia
Responsible for the expansion of progress in the sciences, and for the administration of centers of learning to ensure all progress is shared as the birthright of the people of Ƶylphania.

Minister of Culture
The Most Illustrious Marquise Rheika Hart of Hartland
Responsible for the fostering of the aesthetic and cultural greatness of Ƶylphania, and for conducting our cultural works to the peoples of other lands.

Minister of Commerce
The Most Illustrious Marquis Rydel Sleak of Argentum
Responsible for the economic growth and stability of Ƶylphania and the establishment of trade agreements with neighboring domains.

Minister of Warfare
The Most Illustrious Marquis Anders Kastanjj of Antrim
Responsible for the maintenance and training of the fighting forces of Ƶylphania, for organizing the defense of the realm, and for leading the Ƶylphanian host in time of war.

Minister of Truth and Justice
The Most Illustrious Marquise Ninian Lune'ciel of Aurnion
Responsible for exposing the truth in the face of injustice, treason, corruption and subversion.

Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Most Eminent Viscount Ranion Lightbringer of Ubertaas
Advises the duke on matters of foreign policy and relations and leads the diplomatic corps of Zylphania.

Minister of Freeholds
Position Open
Responsible for speaking on behalf of the Gallery of Freeholders to the Gallery of Ministers and reporting to the Freeholders on the activities of the Gallery of Ministers.

The Gallery of Freeholders

This body is comprised of Aristocracy and Freeholders and contains one representative from each baronial ward. These representatives are elected by popular vote from among all freeholders in the representative's ward.



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Umberfell, Aeterion, Castillion



House Bombastus

House Bombastus is one of the Great Clans of The Kingdom of Vornair, and the Ducal House of the Freehold Duchy of Zylphania. Though members of the Clan are widely dispersed throughout Zylphania and the rest of the world, the current Clanlord, Barnebas Thalonicus Aeterion Bombastus commonly holds court in the County of Castillion at his seat in Aeterion.

Pledged Noble Houses

House Bombastus of Castillion

House Meneswa of Aetheropolis

House Yamaichi of Akal-Samudra

House Jasticus of Artanor

House Lune'ciel of Aurnion

House Baldloc of Battencia

House Blackrune of Dagodeiwos

House Morningray of Dawn

House Triptolemus of Elusinia

House Bodhi of Learo Solais

House Gillean of Gillean

House Ablar of Malren

House Fenikkusu of Pyrus

House ColdHearth of Skyrlund

House Tartanius Rex of Ubertaas

House Marshall of Wolfwater

House Xaviar of Wholvendorf


If you have questions about how we operate or wish to join our venture, please join us in the following venues:

Discord chat: Here you can talk with members of the realm and other prospective members, and join in the conversations forming our Duchy.
Website & Forums: Here we have more structured discussions about lore, policy and form early contracts.