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 Mavis Vallen, First Ranger of the Fangs of Fenris



About Us

The Fangs of Fenris is a dedicated community of players from all backgrounds come together to perform the tasks expected of an FoF ranger. Including, but not limited to, hunting, fishing, border patrol, and conservation.


The Fangs are about enriching a wonderful, engaging community and ensuring they thrive in a harsh environment. In a game like Chronicles of Elyria where players must take up different roles to ensure each others' survival and success, the FoF are dedicating themselves to the service of resource gathering. That is, to provide merchants, crafters, and regular citizens with food and furs in order to ensure their survival and economic success while at the same time, ensuring their safety.




The Fangs of Fenris is led by the First Ranger, who acts as figurehead and speaker for the Fangs of Fenris. Many ultimate decisions fall to the First Ranger. Eventually the First Ranger chooses a Second that they train to make decisions in their absence and ultimately replace the First Ranger when the time comes. 


The First and Second Ranger are not the only authority in the guild. Many decisions are deliberated by a Rangers' Council who act as advisors to the First, and a kind of liaison between members and leadership. The Rangers' Council is made up of exemplary members of the Fangs. Including strategic minds in times of strife, lead hunters, survivalists, and Direwolf breeders. 


When members of the Council must be replaced, these members choose replacements from among those in the guild. Choices can be vetoed through a vote if a Council member's choice is called into question.




With the intention if having a branch of the Fangs in each county around the Stormlands, the Fangs of Fenris will have an HQ building in each major county with an acting First Ranger to that branch who reports back to the main branch.

In the event that the Fangs grow large enough to spread throughout all Vornair, each Duchy will have an HQ chapter. With an acting First Ranger selected from the existing members by the main branch's First Ranger. Each chapter will overlook activity in their Duchy's counties and ensure their smooth success and progress, requiring regular updates on environmental conservation, border activity, patrol rosters, and hunting successes in each region.


Life of a Recruit


The life of a recruit for the Fangs of Fenris is hard and demanding, and it will take time. But deservedly so. Your first weeks in the Fangs will be about learning how we benefit our community and how to properly care for the environment within which we hunt. When you join the Fangs, you will be in a minimum group of three. These other recruits will be your unit, and it will be up to the three of you to determine who leads. Your first responsibilities as recruits will be to document animal population and keep track of deforestation, planting new trees where necessary and ensuring those responsible for deforestation remember to plant new trees where they cut down old ones. Naturally, you won't be going into the wilderness alone. A member of our Fangs will shadow you to ensure you don't get into any trouble, and report anything if it does.

After a period of this training, your unit will be taken into the forests. At this stage, the mentor who shadowed you will have a more hands-on involvement in your training now that you yourselves have established your own dynamic. Your unit leader is still in charge, but your mentor is there to ensure you learn your lessons and to protect you from any danger. During this time, he or she will be teaching you archery, survival skills, and overall the ways of the FoF.

When you are deemed ready, each member of your unit is individually selected to go into the forests alone. No two recruits will ever be sent into the forests at the same time. You are to stay in that forest until the next morning, and you are given enough food to last just a short while during that time. Beyond that, you will need to rely on the skills you learned from your mentor to survive the night. To mark your success, you must return to the FoF with your prize: a piece of your very first successful hunt. (Fur, antlers, bone, etc)

When you are proven successful, you are welcomed back with open arms into our ranks. You swear the oath to Fenris, and become bonded to a Direwolf pup bred from our kennels whom you become responsible for.

From then, you will be a full fledged hunter. The last thing anticipated from you is learning the role of Protector. But how much you want to dedicate yourself to learning that role is entirely up to you. If you choose to join our border patrol, you will learn first hand from a patrol veteran who will teach you stealth and how to cooperate in our guerilla tactics should our territories need defending. Just remember, recruit... Learning to efficiently protect our territories can be the deciding factor in life or death. Both for us, and those who rely on us.




If you are interested in joining our growing family, or even heading your own branch within the Stormlands, you can find MaverickMissy AKA Mavis in the Fangs of Fenris Discord here. You should also be sure to join the Stormlands Discord here and introduce yourself.