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Vornair Duchy

The High Seas

High Seas Gold 300


            The Duchy of the High Seas aims to provide the Kingdom of Vornair with the best naval research, development, defense, and exploration. The captial of the duchy will be located on the coast, with the docking space available for trading, production, and maintenance.


                The duke (Currently Duke Kellix Drayce) plans to give a lot of autonomy to his counts and barons. He only plans to get involved in county affairs when something is not going right and it is affecting the people of the land. Barons will be free to train and take jobs from the county whenever there is a lack of conflict in the land. All members of the military are encouraged to adventure and explore to gather knowledge and skills that will help them when there is a call to arms.


       Below is the basic framework of the duchy. It is purposefully short with just the basic framework set right now. As Counts and Barons join the duchy, the rules and history will be fleshed out with everyone’s input as long as they follow the idea and tenets listed. Everyone is encouraged to apply from all gaming styles. No duchy can survive without the crafting and harvesting guilds. Combat players will find a home in the military and policing forces. PVP is encouraged in honorable fashion. Fighting bandits and outside factions will be our PVP focus. Once the navy is up and running there will be ample opportunities for those brave enough to challenge permadeath out at sea. When the king declares an enemy there will be a lot of Privateering opportunities as well. Privateering of course being sanctioned piracy of enemy nations.



              The Rights of All


The Right to live as you wish as long as you do not infringe on the freedom of others.

The Right to be seen equal under the laws of the Land.

The Right to freely move in and out of the Duchy.

The Right to marry, own land, and hereditary rights.


Duchy ranks


The Duke is responsible to the King for the protection and safe keeping of the duchy. He oversees all Counts and provides Military support to each. The taxes paid to the duke come directly from the counts. The amount owed by each count is based on the levels of strongholds in their lands.


Counts are in charge of the land distribution and economy under their control. Every County will have a focus for their economy and will set trade routes with other counties to ensure all get the necessary resources to continue growing. They will write the laws for their county as they see fit as long as they do not go against the king’s or duke’s law.


Barons are in charge of the military outposts in the duchy. All outposts will enter contract with the Duke to ensure proper defense and manning. The duke will pay a portion of the resources needed to maintain the outposts in the name of the kingdom based on their strategic importance. When not at war, the Barons assist the Counts in their assigned area. They can provide law enforcement, protection, adventure and escort services where needed. These services are contracted between the baron and count with the understanding that a call to arms by the king or duke renders the contract on hold until the call is over.

Kings Judges:

Every county capital city has a judge to oversee the laws of the land. The position is assigned by the Duke on behalf of the King. This assignment is delegated to the Counts with-in the duchy. If the assigned judge does not enforce the King’s, Duke’s or Count’s law in a proper manner they will be judged at the level of law they are not enforcing.



Dukes Council

Economic Council:

The Economic Council is comprised of all the counts with an equal say given to all with the Duke having final say if something cannot be agreed on. All decisions pertaining to the economic growth of the duchy will be decided by the council. The main purpose is to design proper structure for travel and growth in the duchy. The counts will communicate their economic focus and work out any overlaps to ensure trade resources flow where they are needed. Depending on game mechanics, more positions may be added to the council to ensure all aspects of governing have proper attention given.

Military Council:

The Military Council is comprised of all Barons. The barons of the duchy will advise and answer to the Duke in all things military related. Strategic importance will be ranked for all strongholds. Coastal and border strongholds will be allocated more resources to ensure the safety of all within the duchy and kingdom. Again, support positions may be added to the council and military based on game mechanics.





Duke Kellix Drayce - Strix Umbra

                    The County of Strix Umbra will be a large county that will work to push exploration to its limits. Versatility, cunning, and dedication will all be attributes that will be desired and appreciated by the Strix. Regarding the settlements, there currently is a diverse array that will be working to form a balanced economy. More than anything else we hope to make a place where people can get the experiences they are looking for in Elyria, whether that be venturing into unknown lands, skirmishing/raiding, fighting in the arena, being a crafter, farmer, or any number of necessary professions. The county will hold the duchy port capital city as well which will focus on naval research and training.

Count Daemon Redwyne - The Arbor

         The Arbor is a naval and maritime focused county. The residents here are Ship builders for wartime/merchanting                        expeditions. (i.e. Sailors, Deckhands, Shipwrights, Boatswains, Pirates, Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, Scalliewags,                        Privateers,Adventureers, Explorers, Smugglers, Mercenaries, Cartographers & Navigators, Ship Captains, Bards & Musicians, and Astronomers)

Count Raishath Urscythe - The County of Astalos

             The County of Astalos seeks to understand and explore the mysteries of ancient Elyria. Adventurers, heroes and those who support them are all more than welcome within the borders of Astalos. Astalosians have a rich history in and of themselves.Having been descended from a kingdom long since fallen to ruin and lost to time. The Astalosian’s nomadic lifestyle ended  when they joined with the Kingdom of Vornair, though their interest in their ancient roots still exists. Due to that, some of their archaic titles still exist within the County’s governmental structure.

Count StormBlessed - The County of Tidehaven

        The County of Tidehaven is a land which is founded on the virtues of stability and fortitude in the face of adversity. The vision for Tidehaven is to become a stable location for families, guilds, and respectful individuals alike. We hope to provide a home for craftsmen and producers alike to support and supply the navies and their households. Tidehaven, under Count Stormblessed, aims to provide ample opportunity to capitalistic individuals seeking a home to become prominent contributors to the future Elyrian economy. Agricultural wealth will be a priority for land selection, and our first goals are to establish and flourish as a community

Count Gnoll - The County of Wolves Reach

         The County of Wolves Reach is a resource rich county filled with trees and large rivers. It holds the stronghold of The Draugr Fleet and it's sister city of Silverpoint. These two cities are focused primarily upon ship building and naval research, working in tandem as a dual military/civilian port city. It also houses the Shipwright's Association lead by Count Knoll.

Count Criss Angelz / Countess (Baroness) Misty Angelz - The County of Velkhum

          The County of Velkhum will focus on feeding the Duchy, farming, breeding, etc. The County values Loyalty, Honor, and Respect. The capital city is currently a double barony (Possibly triple). ~You Give it, You Get it.~

Xefipor, House of Zen - Sancus

                We welcome all who wish to work the land, shepherd a herd or become one with the natural world around them. Join us and benefit from our lush lands and large open spaces. We have room for everyone, from the single farmer who wishes to work for a fair wage. To the Grand House who's family has been breeding luxurious Thoroughbreds for generations. The naturalist who lives off the land and spends his nights studying the stars. It does not stop at just those who work the fields or feed the flock. We also have need for craftsmen and women. With public workshops and prime locations for trade within the city of Fides. There is something for everyone. Visit the local tavern Storge, resupply at our general store Chinkers. Or, just spend your days researching the next advancement in modern day living at The Umbecast Library

Count Olan Ravenheart

Count Ivar Gondul

Count Doren

Count Aemon Ivellen


 Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/jKnhmQR