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Fenix County began as a ragtag house formed by its patriarch, Leto Fenix, who after being falsely accused of murdering the leader of a prominent family was imprisoned in the gem mines of his homeland for many long years.

Leto, along with a group of his fellow prisoners, created a secret code of communication and plotted a way to secure their freedom. When finally the time came Leto seized the opportunity and led a daring, bloody escape from the horror of the mines. 

This gang of weary hardened people made a long and arduous journey fraught with many dangers, from their former captors, new "would be" captors, to the elements and the creatures that call this unknown land home. Finally finding peace and settling in a vast area bordering the people known as the A’chaillte.

As the party settled their new lands Leto began training his small group in the ways of life and war. As word spread of the ferocious fighting style and relentless desire for vengeance, more and more people, from across the land, arrived wanting to follow this new leader and join his growing ranks.

With more people came the need for more food, weapons, housing, and defenses.

This heavily forested coastal land was untouched and rife with underground caves, tall hearty trees, clean pure water, and minerals…many minerals. After the hard years of toil in the mines Leto and his group had the knowledge to exploit the vast amount of minerals and began mining the land to provide the wealth in gems and iron for weapons needed to grow the house into a formidable force.

Leto's closest confidant, Rayvon, was a mason prior to being imprisoned in the gem mines and began teaching the art of masonry to the group so they may build stout defendable homes and buildings on their new lands.

The people of the newly formed house were strong willed, hardworking, and lived by the credo of "work hard, play hard" However, not all of Leto’s fellow prisoners were innocent men when they escaped the hell of the mines, though they weren’t inherently evil, they still retained love of their old ways; drinking, gambling, pugilism, and some of the darker pursuits in life. These men formed a “society within the society” amongst the shadows, for the purpose of making coin for the newly formed group in their own unique way.

Leto, having abandoned his old life and starting over in a new place decided to choose a fitting new surname for his house and after feeling as though he rose from the ashes to start anew, fueled by vengeance and hatred for anyone who would oppress another...The House of Fenix was born.


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Solas A'Ghrian, Countess of Neamh

County Name: Neamh

Region focus: General R&D with special interests in Infrastructure, Cartography, Bardic Skills, and Religion

Ruling body: Council of Barons and Mayors w/Count veto

Capital City: A'Ghrian

Focus: General and Engineering research. Home of many schools, libraries, and universities meant to educate and research future tech. Home of the Hand of the Two-Fold Queen [HTFQ]. Regularly funded expeditions to search for and chronicle religious artifacts and texts.

The plan is to create a Renaissance-like city that would be home to the likes of Michelangelo, Hawking, Einstein, Copernicus, Nye, Divinci, Socrates, Tyson, etc.

Elyrians that will find Neamh and The City A'Ghrian attractive:

  • Students of any Discipline
  • Crafting Masters - research minded
  • Scribes/Chroniclers
  • Engineers
  • Artists
  • Contract Farmers
  • Contract Miners
  • Shipping Companies
  • (Counter) Intelligence Officers

City Characteristics

  • Population target: medium
  • Agriculture: expanding to allow for population needs with some exports
  • Industrial: Self-sufficient
    • Expect to contract resource gathering and exports (see Land Ownership)
  • Commercial: Just matching population needs
  • Education: High
  • Wealth: medium with a few resident wealthy patrons
  • Infrastructure: cutting edge
  • Military/Constable/Militia: Compulsory Militia and Elected Constabulary
  • Tax Rate: moderate to low depending on civil costs of County funded research
  • Land Ownership: Lease-to-own based on research contributions and military service (negotiable rates)


Family Crest/Tapestry

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Coat of Arms 

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Tir Adheirich