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Duchy of Truria

Within the Rhynelands Under King Evelake & Queen Lagertha Rhyne


The people of truria are multifaceted who aim to master more than one way of life. The history of the people teaches that to survive one must know more than one tool. The Trurian Path is a philosophical guide of teaching as well as learning. Within the colleges of bardic knowledge debates and sciences are learned and taught. Intellect is keenly sharpened just as the blades of the military faction. From agriculture to zephyr flutes all walks of life are studied for excellence. To become greatness one must know what greatness is then transcend beyond. Be it few or many excellence must never be lost. The spiritual past of the people guide us as we shall guide those who come after us.

Way of Life

Known to all the culture will be one of knowledge and wisdom. If so desired any citizen may opt to sign up for basic schooling. This is not mandatory yet highly encouraged. The average citizen of Truria begins with simple test to discover what they have a talent for then also what they desire to learn to do in life. Given as everyone may not have a matching desire to what they have a talent for it is encouraged they pursue them both. Those with a matching gift for what they desire to do in truria will be given the chance to excel. As knowledge is too precious to be lost it is also encouraged that anyone with the gift of any skill share this at the Trurian path Colleges of Thought. What can be archived shall be. What cannot shall be taught to those with tenure to pass on to students who meet criteria for those skills.

Trurians are a very spiritual people who remember those who died to ensure a place in the world for them. They often name places or landmarks after the people or event when it was first discovered. Sometimes when someone of great renown passes to the veil they attach their name to something. Hence often a town will be named after a hero who died defending it. A shrine may be constructed on the site or a memorial of sort so that all may know through time that this is named after whom and why. The citizenry works hard for if it is to be done it must be done right. As much as hard work is a daily routine the trurians often engage in many assorted games when the day is done. Music is often joined in by many within taverns and inns. Especially since inventing new musical instruments is a sort of game and art among its people.

The recovery of lost knowledge also a very common theme among the people of Truria. The military often train to escort and protect as the scholars lead expeditions into the long dark and forgotten places of the ancestors. The Peaceful pleasures of colleges and honing skills to provide life are so high of importance that the military side must also match that level of excellence.

The military will be comprised of anyone showing such gifted prowess and desire. Just as the farmer toils in the field so shall the military work to become the bedrock of the kingdom.

The codex reads that Honor, Glory,Majesty, and Unity will be the trurian soldiers way of life. The Warriors of truria will uphold this in all things as they will be the first vestige of the codex of truria. They will be from all walks of life from peasant to royal. They will be the foundation that keeps the people of truria safe.

Knights of Truria will be held up to the highest measure to be the beacons of its people. They will be the pillars of the codex. Shining examples of warfare and wisdom gifted physically as well as mentally.

The Codex

The codex was the accumulated knowledge from the rending of the tribes. It encapsulates not only the training regiment but the spiritual one as well. Those that follow the teachings exemplify the Trurian way of life. The caring for the dead so that they are honored will be a path that all Trurians will follow. These rules are optional but must be followed in certain sects.

The paths of Truria

Schools of thought for teaching and learning shall be recorded into their own perspective titles.

Libri mortes: those within high combat skill ranges as well as survival.

Libri Ostentarium: those with high learning or teaching to facilitate the sharing of knowledges.

Libri Fatales: these will handle laws and city ordinances; builders, the law enforcers, judges,etc.

Libri Acherontici: these will be those who deal with the dead/dying. They will be in charge of guiding the dead,building/maintaining shrines, and general astral guidance, ( if possible).

Libri Fanu: these will be the ones who search out the old sacred places. To find ancient relics or places, to discover what was other words Adventurers.

Mercantile Path

This path will encompass most if not all of the knowledge's. Travel is a great journey with many dangers and rewards. Whether it is receiving or being received trading goods is how resources come into the kingdom that are valued. Quality of goods is always an issue yet sometimes it is excused due to unforeseeable circumstances. Trurians prize quality above all else so trade is often a hard price to negotiate. However they way of the mercantile path is often hard fought but seldom lost.

Positions available

Head Dean of the Collegiate House

This position will have many subordinates,as expected, as the attempt to encompass all skills to be learned and taught is a priority within the collegiate house. The following dean led schools will be for specialty learning and teaching. Those with the highest skill will be classified with these branches so if a student wishes to learn a skill it will be known to whom they could receive the training from. If at some point the mechanics of the game become clear how teaching and learning work in regards to this particular set-up things may adapt to them. Until then, I intend to develop a atmosphere of Learning and recording of knowledge.

  • Dean of Construction: The knowledge's used for housing to fortifications.
  • Dean of Culinary arts: The knowledge for which food preparation and adornment.
  • Dean of Fashion: The knowledge of how to create finery of clothing and a banquet for the eyes.
  • Dean of Armaments: The knowledge of weapons and armor for the soldier.
  • Dean of Alchemy: The knowledge's pertaining to chemical solutions and compounds.
  • Dean of Geography: The knowledge of the world, how it affects citizens, and how to locate materials within the earth.
  • Dean of medical sciences: The knowledge of the human form, its functions and how to remedy its ailments.
Head of the Militant:

This dean will be in charge of training and recruiting military personnel. The position of Knight-Cavalier in charge over the knights legion is recommended to host under the dean militant as it requires a level of focus on its own.

Head of Agriculture:

This position will maintain the the training and resources of both crops and animal husbandry.

Head of commerce:

This position will be one of resource material and direction of import/export trade.

Marshall :

These rare positions will be available as free roaming detective, anti-spy, and law enforcement heads. Do not ask for this position as it will be given to those hand selected by the council as their power will be the power of the judges.

What does all of this mean ?

A lot of words have been written to entice you to join yet at the end of the page the choice is always yours.
My ideal vision is to create a home for adventuring spirits. To reclaim the lost world, to conquer the things in the dark, and to honor the fallen with honor. As the game becomes a more solid mechanic driven environment so shall my duchy. I would hope to build a state of honorable people to whom respect the individual so that together we make a strong duchy.

Here is the link for the Truria Discord