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The Trade Duchy of Helgrim

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Helgrim (Est. 2016) is a community of players focused primarily on production, crafting, commerce, and trade. Our central location in western Vornair is prime for multi-Duchy trade as well as Kingdom-Kingdom trade. We value community, cooperation, efficiency, progress, and innovation. Our leadership is composed of individuals who apply skills from real-life careers or degrees in sales, business, management, shipping, and logistics.

Our Values
Teamwork - Build relationships and work together.
Grit - Don’t be afraid of the grind.
Balance - Keep the larger picture in mind.
Competence - Be an expert in your field.

Top Professions

*Soldier / Constable / Guard
*Forestry (Land-Management, Logging)
*Tavern Keeper / Grocer
*Hunter / Ranger / Fisherman
*Tailor / Leatherworker
*Woodworker / Woodcutter / Carver
*Animal Husbandry / Livestock Keeper / Animal Tamer
*Bookbinder / Author
*Diplomat / Interpreter
*Musician / Performer


In order to accomplish our goal of creating extensive trade networks we require people from all walks of life to fill many different roles. To help organize this, Helgrim is divided into 3 Houses that each cover a primary gameplay focus. Each house is further divided into 2 specialized divisions. Any interest or gameplay style can find a place inside Helgrim’s walls. 

The House of Order: The House of Order is based on the military and legal system. The Military Division focuses on combat, military might, and maintaining defensive structures to protect our citizens, our homes, and our land . The Law Division focuses on creating, upholding, and enforcing the laws that promote peace in our duchy.

The House of Prosperity: The House of Prosperity is our livelihood; the production and trade that brings money into the duchy. The Production Division is the division of crafters, builders, and suppliers. The Trade Division is responsible for merchanting our goods, bringing outside goods into the duchy, as well as establishing and expanding our trade networks. Trade and Production work hand in hand to create goods and find paying customers.

The House of Progress: The House of Progress focuses on land and resource management, the flow of trade, exploration, expanding our knowledge, and progressing our society. The Land Division is responsible for managing the land and representing the people while encouraging growth and forward progress. Counts and Mayors are given management roles in this division as they are the ones directly responsible for managing the land and representing citizens. The Seeker Division contains the scholars, explorers, and adventurers of the duchy. They are tasked with finding, analyzing, and documenting resources and other important discoveries.

"Many journals and transcripts speak of their origin. Each more fantastical than the next. Pages filled with flowing script talking of wondrous journey and vast trade. Of wagon trains a mile long, all carrying the finest goods hands could craft and money could buy. It all starts with two families. Two rival families in the land of Vornair. One sought honor through battle of both steel and wits, the other sought order through speech and politics.

"Hail House Hart. A family rich with pride, initiative, and leadership. This family has birthed many heirs who have gone on to rule kingdoms, legislate laws, and breed the fastest of horses and strongest of oxen. A single Hartland creature is a sign of great wealth in most of Elyria.

"Salute Stonehammer. The Stonehammer family is a strong and proud family of warriors and tacticians. All is crushed before Stonehammer’s might. Great halls throughout their land were constructed from the bones of the earth in their honor. Where warriors could gather and sing of their many victories over their enemies.

"Eventually, the two families grew larger and covered vast amounts of land, no longer able to expand without creating war and strife between the two, they intermarried the families to share the land and further expand their own visions of growth. The Harts rule over the law, and govern their people, whereas the Stonehammers rule over the fields of battle and the expansion of land. Together they combined their land and formed the Duchy of Aechena, birthplace of Helgrim Enterprises, home of Hartstone, the bastion of Balance and Liberty." 

(Written by Kntry von Haunt)