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Welcome to DKM Couriers!

If you're looking to get something sent across the kingdom look no further! Our couriers are trustworthy, expedient, and professional. You can also send messages and small packages via our trained courier animals. Rest assured your shipments will arrive swiftly, safely, and securely. Our goal is to provide the best shipping services to the Kingdom of Vornair as you'd expect to find in any MMO and to do so we employ strong business-minded individuals for our management positions and the ability for couriers to freelance across the kingdom giving our couriers the ultimate freedom for deciding where they want to play and how much money they want to earn.


Who We Are

DKM Couriers is composed of players from all walks of life. We employ crafters, scribes, combat-ready personnel, animal handlers, cartographers, bards, and on and on. There is no specific role required to be a courier and couriers are encouraged to freelance moving from county to county and duchy to duchy until they find an area they feel like calling home. Couriers can also remain nomadic and travel all of the kingdom while delivering between towns along the way. Those seeking management positions should have a firm understanding in delegating responsibilities while being held accountable for all actions under their authority. Management should be able to juggle their position in DKM with their play time. The rewards for being able to do so increase exponentially as you move up the ladder.


What We Do

DKM Couriers provides a small scope of services to ensure speedy deliveries and very little confusion. We can ship anything that can be reasonably transported (we WON'T attempt to transport your caravel or galleon across the kingdom to the sea, so don't ask). If you're a miner or lumberjack we can transport your goods to sellers you've lined up. If you're a farmer we can transport your fields of crops to neighboring or distant counties to feed the kingdom. If you've got a love letter to send to your mistress or sugardaddy we can discreetly send it. So whatever you'd like to send whether it's a letter or several wagons full of materials we will deliver it to its intended destination post haste. We do not transport players.

We also provide nobility with the option of tax collection. Depending on game mechanics, it could be as simple as making a contract with your local branch operator (if you're a count) or division operator (if you're a duke). Then just sit back, relax, and let the money come to you!



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