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Held by Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur

“Nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus.” ~ Margaret Thatcher


Role Description:

The Lófi is held in the highest confidence in the Kingdom and is given the right to speak with the authority of the King and Queen in the event that they are absent or otherwise indisposed. The Lófi is well versed in all matters of the Kingdom and even more versed in the goals and objectives of the King and Queen, as well as the Dukes and Duchesses of the Round, and what they are working towards. The Lófi has no ability to publish law or policy on their own, instead they are there to speak for the laws and policies that have already been passed prior to the King and Queen's absence.

Additionally, the Lófi will be charged with representing the Kingdom, and the will of the King and Queen, in many matters, internally and externally. With both community leadership (out of game) and kingdom management (in game) responsibilities, the Lófi and their department provide organisation, strategic direction, and goals for the Kingdom in areas such as: politics; organisational structure, effectiveness, and integrity; recruitment and retention; administration; information distribution strategy; community outreach; marketing; and capacity building.


Requirements and Expectations:

Above all, any high council position requires a kingdom first mentality. All of our policy and programs are geared toward strengthening the kingdom as a whole, even when they may run counter to our own personal or regional gain.

High council members are also expected to be subject matter experts in the areas under their authority. This means keeping absolutely up to date with any information that pertains to their work as well as obtaining a comprehensive understanding of past information through various discussions and media sources.

The Lófi role specifically requires strengths in diplomacy, emotional intelligence, organisational management, and expertise in communication and management. The ability to fairly understand and represent other people’s views (whether its perspectives of the King or Queen or other Dukes and Duchesses) is essential. Lastly, consensus building and driving understanding amongst Kingdom leadership are important results of the department’s work.


  • Administration - (Manages the Chief of Staff)
  • Political Success - both internal and external (Manages the Grand Ambassador)
  • Intelligence - (Manages the High Ravencaller)
  • Recruitment - Ensures any High Council jobs are filled, and the Kingdom has a strong programme for attracting new citizens
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Kingdom Leadership Effectiveness
  • Representation for the King and Queen, in their absence.



Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur is a founding member of the Kingdom of Vornair and has served the will of the King since the inception of the Kingdom.

In both real life and COE gaming life, Duchess works in senior leadership positions, bringing expertise in organisational management, strategy, and implementation of a vision into definable plans and processes to achieve desired results.

As we draw closer to COE becoming our reality, Duchess remains both excited and honoured to serve the Kingdom of Vornair in this capacity.