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Ulvemane CoA Updated
What is Ulvemåne
Ulvemåne is a single duchy located between the Anemoi and the Conclave in the eastern central area of Vornair. We are a duchy focused on solidarity and helping all of our citizens prosper.
The Brudvir of Ulvemåne believe the old tales handed down over generations. One of those tells the tale of morulv, or wolf mother. It is believed the seven noble families of the duchy are descendants of morulv and one of the virtues worshipped by the Neran and Hrothi. The menn of Ulvemåne revere the wolves as brothers and respect them as hunters. The seven mannpups of the litter, who were a crossbreed of early mann and the wild canine, began to explore the lands and settling along the many rivers that flow through the landscape. Each of these mannpups began a strong legacy within what would become Ulvemåne. 
The county name which means Wolf Moon comes from the story that upon the death of morulv, the virtue painted the moon in her blood. Each year, the moon is bathed in a red tint many believe is the virtue commemorating the loss of his wolf love.
Duchess Stelaphina Edelulv
Stelaphina's family claims to be able to trace their lineage back to the alpha of the mannpups. Her family has held the royal title since the King bestowed the duchy them. 
The Edelulv family once lived by the belief they were superior to the other clans of the land. Generations past they were feared for their fierce beliefs and domineering stance. As the other clans began to move further from their wolf ancestry, they lost the fear of the alpha and stood up to the Edelulvs. The rebellion forced the once alpha clan to work with the others. This unification helped to develop the duchy as it is today, a community dedicated to supporting one another and ensuring every mann who called Ulvemåne home succeeds in making their dreams come true.
Stelaphina, Stela for short, maintains this philosophy by allowing the Jarls of the duchy to advise her and help her to influence the direction of the duchy and its people.
Houses of Ulvemåne
House Edelulv - The Ducal family located within the County of Villskogen, calling Ulveelv home.
House Reaper - Jarl Torgar Reaper of the County of Norra Mark
House Snovinter - Jarl Klaus Snovinter of County Snovale
House Eidene - Jarl Jax Eidene of the County of Blodelv
House Ainsvard - Jarl Felaros Ainsvard of County Villulver
House Felde - Jarl Alamor Felde of the County of Uldam
House Kolbeck - Jarl Kaeolin Kolbeck of Kolglais County
Who we are looking for
We are looking for players who want to be part of a community interested in working together to succeed. We are not seeking those who are only interested in their own pursuits. We believe as a cohesive community we can accomplish more together.
There are many towns and hamlets available for mayors interested in settling within the duchy. The Jarls who call Ulvemåne home share a similar philosophy making the job of interested mayors a bit easier.
Citizens who wish to join the community are encouraged to talk to the Jarl or mayor of the area they are interested in and discuss how their desired skills might help the community and in turn, help them succeed. We are looking for all professions and skills.
Why pick Ulvemåne
The duchy supports diversity and inclusion. All members are treated equally and will be supported in their endeavors. We are welcoming to new individuals and will work to make sure you feel like you have found a home.