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The Hersir is the head of one of the four High Offices of the High Council. The Hersir office leads the three departments (Navy, Army, Guard) of militaries in the Kingdom of Vornair. They are the foremost authority on military mechanics, logistics, and the various military entities within the Kingdom of Vornair. Their job at a very high level is to coordinate, collaborate, and bring together the military forces, PvP groups from across the Kingdom and advise on the military tactics and strategies to be used in a Kingdom level engagement. While this position is recommended to come with large scale military sim PvP experience, the position in and of itself is less tactical than it is political. The Hersir is largely responsible for simply ensuring that the various militaries in the Kingdom of Vornair have a framework and structure by which to work together to acheive Kingdom directives, as well as ensure that a standard is kept among all of the various military forces. Lastly the Hersir oversees the Grand Constable, Grand Admiral, and Grand Marshal directly to ensure that their departments remain in line with the King / Queen's desires and be directly responsible for the leadership of that branch / fundamental area of the Kingdom. 



On top of the Kingdom first mentality that comes first and foremost in every high council position requirment, an individual in the Hersir position must have the ability to gain cooperation between exceedingly different groups. Advise on policies, systems, services, and initiatives that create the frameworks and structures needed to ensure the Military strength of Vornair is utilized to the best of its ability. Create and operate a reporting system by which to ensure minimum standards are being met and to alert the military powers to threats and potential weaknesses and provide expert level council on both defensive and wartime tactics. 


Currently this position is filled by the King himself, however it is expected that this position will transfer to someone with more experience, ability, and freetime than the King at some point in the future. 


Desired qualifications would include: Experience leading large scale military simulation type pvp groups (EVE pvp experience in a large corp would be a huge plus). Experience or knowledge in high level military strategem. Data mining / reporting skills. Familiarity with maintaining awareness of a larger picture / threat landscapes. Strong communication skills. Strong leadership skills. Trust and integrity are essential to this role as well. Ability to form and maintain relationships. 



While the Grand Admiral, Grand Constable, and Grand Marshal all have official services they provide directly, the Hersir themselves simply oversee these programs / services.

Unofficially the Hersir provides military advisement as well as advisement on all matters of pvp related mechanics surrounding CoE to any and all whom approach them.



Draugr Fleet:

The Draugr Fleet is a salty group of liquid courageous sailors, drunk master crafters, and tactically brilliant inebriated pirates. In real life, the majority of us are a group of salty sailors looking to mix our real-life experience with our PvP game experience. Ocean exploration and domination of the waterways is our main goal. There will not be a more feared group on the high seas nor a more secure way to travel on the water than with our fleet.  Serving under the joint operations of the Grand Admiral and the Duke of the High Seas, Kellix. 

Vaeringjar Guard:

The Vaeringjar Guard is a culmination of various guard forces. While each guard force has their own AOR ultimately they are tied together with training requirements, call to arms requirements, and a connected heirarchy / reporting system. These systems allow for the individual operating areas to tailor their coverage to the laws of their area, allowing for greater flexibility in the domain's laws, while still ensuring proper support and cross-domain engagement when the need arises. Please note that this entire system is there to enable and require the domain leadership to cover the requirements of their domain, while simply tieing them into a larger operating system. Serving under the Grand Constable then further under the domain leadership for each domain that elects to join this service.