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 Grand Admiral


The Grand Admiral is charged with managing the fleet force. They will be coordinating the efforts of our boatmen and the commissioning of the Kingdom of Vornair's great ships. The Naval force of Vornair will take on missions and commissions by order of the King and Queen and The Dukes and Duchesses of the Round. Only in times of emergency will the Grand Admiral act upon the orders of the Hersir alone and then the continued action will be voted on in The Dukes and Duchesses of the Round.
Additionally, the Grand Admiral will be charged with exploration for the Kingdom. Unclaimed lands found by the Royal Navy will be annexed into the Kingdom of Vornair.
Recruitment and induction processes for the Royal Navy are owned by the Grand Admiral. Lastly, the Grand Admiral will be expected to report on the ongoing naval operations to the King and Queen on a moment's notice. They will work with their counterpart in the Duchies to ensure that all maritime operations are well communicated and managed.



The needs of the Kingdom come first for all members of the High Council. 
This Position of Grand Admiral is in a position that handles roles of Player versus Player. With this, the Grand Admiral must take into account the realization of Permadeath at sea, along with those who serve under them. 
Tactical and Accurate decisions are vital for the Vornair Navy to dominate the waterways of Elyria.  



All members of the High Council are sworn to serve the King and Queen and will develop recommendations and best practices to aid the decisions of the Duchies of the Round.


Draugr Fleet- (Located in the Duchy of the High Seas)
The Draugr Fleet is a salty group of liquid courageous sailors, drunk master crafters, and tactically brilliant inebriated pirates. In real life, the majority of us are a group of salty sailors looking to mix our real-life experience with our PvP game experience. Ocean exploration and domination of the waterways is our main goal. There will not be a more feared group on the high seas nor a more secure way to travel on the water than with our fleet.  Serving under the joint operations of the Grand Admiral and the Duke of the High Seas, Kellix.