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Role Description: 

The Aesir is the overseer of the Chief Treasurer, the Maester of Resources and Maester of Guidance. This individual is responsible for ensuring that all matters concerning the internal affairs of Vornair are properly seen to and is up to date on all information that the councilors have for him, so that they may bring that information to the attention of the monarchs as necessary; this includes taxation, national treasury, research, education and any information regarding trade and resources in Vornair, and anything requiring the attention or approval of the King or Queen. The Aesir will attend to the needs of his direct reports as necessary so that they may continue their duty to the kingdom unhindered.

Requirements and Expectations: 

First and foremost a Kingdom first mentality, strong leadership skills, business communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, and community engagement.


See current Kingdom level policy


The Aesir serves at the pleasure of the King and Queen of Vornair. 


To create and maintain economic stability and fairness inside of Vornair.


Who is Barbazu?

A question older than Methuselah; scientists, philosophers, warlords and gods have determined that he is a...parfait? Maybe an onion. Always around for a conversation or to answer a question (if you can stand him talking nonstop)

Why This Position?

Economics is his religion and his weapon of choice.

Who are we looking to work with?

Any influential leader with the ability to understand economics as a transcedent metagame and the amibition to play at the highest level.

What kind of help will we be looking for?

The expectation is that the team will grow and diversify as more details are handed down from SBS. We expect subject matter experts who can demonstrate the ability to critical think and adapt applicable concepts to design policy for the Kingdom.