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2 11 Chief Justiciar

Office of the Chief Justiciar

Held by Rawn

The Office of the Chief Justiciar is expected to maintain a record of, as well as submit laws to, the Kingdom, the King’s Duchy, County, and Capital City. In addition, the Chief Justiciar will be responsible for overseeing courts and the suggestions of Justiciars and Justices to be appointed at the aforementioned levels of government.

The mindset of all members beloning to the Office of the Chief Justiciar is "Vornair First."  We come from different Baronies, Counties, and Duchies, but we all serve the greater force that is this Kingdom.  The moment we set our personal interests ahead of the will of the King, we sully our honor and foresake our responsibilities in being stewards of the law.

To serve in the Office of the Chief Justiciar, a candidate must be familiar with reading, interpreting, drafting, and adjudicating law. Although real-world, legal experience is not explicitly required, an absence thereof diminishes the capabilities of this office. Members of this Office must be able to work tactfully with their fellow High Council members, as well as Dukes and Duchesses of the Round. Most importantly, this Office must maintain impartiality in rendering decisions in order to keep clean its honor and integrity.


The Office of the Chief Justiciar maintains the following programs:

  • The Duchies of the Round voting record.

  • The establishment and maintenance of the Vornic court system.

The Chief Justiciar serves at the pleasure of the King of Vornair, and carries out tasks as so delegated by his regal authority.  In addition to these tasks, the Office of the Chief Justiciar provides the following services to the Kingdom:

  • Assistance in drafting legislation before the Duchies of the Round.

  • Submitting legal briefs to appropriate councils and boards.  

  • Assistance in establishing legal doctrine in individual jurisdictions.

  • Legal advice in regards to Kingdom-related laws

  • Answering general, legal questions which pertain to the Kingdom of Vornair.

The Office of the Chief Justiciar is currently engaged developing in the following initiatives:

  • Establishment of the Vornic Court System.

  • Consolidation of all Kingdom Laws into a Great Charter.

  • Selecting subordinate personnel to hold the titles of Justiciars, Justices, and Judges, throughout the Kingdom.

  • Drafting of the Vornic Criminal Code.

  • Drafting of the Vornic Civil Code

  • Drafting a system to maintain legal decisions.

  • Drafting of the Rules of Criminal and Civil Procedures (pending guidance from SBS).