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Vorsir is the title of the highest-ranking Councilor of Culture in the High Council of Vornair, the leader of TeamCulture and the adviser of the Monarchs in cultural matters. Vorsir is the overseer of Chief Chronicler (Councilor of Lore), Chief Justiciar (Councilor of Law) & High Cleric (Councilor of Religion), and is responsible for ensuring that all matters concerning the cultural affairs of Vornair that align with the purposes of TeamCulture are properly seen to and is up to date on the information that the Councilors have for them. Vorsir attends to the needs of their Councilors as necessary and advises them on their tasks so that they may continue their duty to the Kingdom unhindered.


Vorsir acts as the most direct link between the Monarchs and TeamCulture, as well as the rest of the Vorn. They deliver information and guidance regarding Vornair's cultural affairs both ways.

With their and their team's knowledge of the Vornic culture, the Councilors of Culture are there to answer questions of the community while fulfilling their roles. The main cultural areas of the Councilors align with Lore, Law and Religion.

In the pre-game era Vorsir and the rest of TeamCulture aim to maintain a positive environment and encourage different types of Vorn to create content and ideas for both the Kingdom and their own groups. Duchies, Counties, etc. are free to set up "sub-cultures" in their own likeness on the foundations that the Kingdom provides.

Vorsir and TeamCulture also take responsibility in many of the events held in the Kingdom and its Discord server. They are the point of contact for people who are interested in setting up and organizing events and activities for the Kingdom.



Vorsir is expected to be easily approachable and open towards anyone who wishes to discuss the matters of TeamCulture (atleast in the pre-game when the size of the community still allows this). The role requires skills in organization, leadership and communication - the person should be able to express themselves in a constructive manner and value opinions that differ from theirs. Also a certain level of creative and even artistic thinking is recommended.