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 Chief Chronicler

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Chief Chronicler is a member of the High Council of Vornair and is selected by royalty with the assistance of Vorsir. As a Councilor of Culture working under Vorsir in TeamCulture, Chief Chronicler is charged with many duties regarding the lore/history of the world: among them is the collection, translation, collaboration, and recording of the history of the Duchies of the Kingdom of Vornair.

"Our past leads us forward."

To accomplish their tasks Chief Chronicler is expected to establish communication with Dukes or their appointed contacts as well as other Chroniclers of the Kingdom in order to gather information or items in regards to historic events, changes to the fealty of clans, and to collaborate on the celebration of kingdom wide holidays or special events. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wars
  • Battles
  • Important rise or fall of clans in the “Dance of Dynasties”
  • Other important political events, alliances and lists of vassals in a duchy
  • Lore/Legend
  • Maps, including “remarkable locations”, books and scrolls to be stored in the Archives
  • Artifacts of “Vornic Importance” to be stored in the Archives
  • Kingdom wide celebration collaboration

As of now the Office of Chief Chronicler is planned to have two bases of operation: The Vornair Chronicles [upcoming "Wiki" section in the Vornair website] and The Vornic Archives [in-game location in the Vornair capital]. With these in mind the responsibilities of Chief Chronicler include:

  • Keep, oversee, and create Vornic lore articles on the Vornair Chronicles.
  • Provide: oversight on, cleanliness of presentation, confirmation and fact check information of, and the organization of the Vornair Chronicles.

  • Keep safe and store copies of any precious Vornair Historic documents in-game within “The Vornic Archives” in the Capital of Vornair.
  • Coordinate the flow of information of Vornic events to be recorded and stored in and out of game.
  • Translate in game as well as out of game events that affect the kingdom into “role-play” styled historic events to be recorded and saved.
  • Help in the investigation, research, and cataloging of artifacts given, bought, or found in the Kingdom of Vornair (in-game with owner's consent).

  • Keep in contact with Chroniclers of the Kingdom [Chronicler Organization] and Chroniclers of other Kingdom’s in Elyria to gain information of public and historical relevance to Vornair, as well as share public and historically relevant information to other Kingdom’s of Elyria.
  • Work with their overseer, Vorsir, to gain counsel and to update them on the progress of the Office of Chief Chronicler.

Chief Chronicler is expected to be a responsible person who understands the necessity and importance of the role. The knowledge that is written down during their career is important for those who seek to learn of the Kingdom and its past.

Skills in document and people organization are important for Chief Chronicler. More so is their ability to produce coherent well-written text that is understandable. Experience in informative or creative writing is definitely an advantage.