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Maester of Guidance



Role Description:

The Maester of Guidance is tasked with setting up and maintaining schools in the various arts and craft skills throughout the King and Queen's Duchy as well as working with their counterparts in each Duchies to ensure that the schools around the Kingdom are maintaining a standard in curriculum.

Additionally, the Maester of Guidance will work with the various artisans around the Kingdom to encourage and direct research efforts to a specific end. The school and research statuses should be reported to the Aesir regularly.








Above all, any high council position requires a kingdom first mentality. All of our policy and programs are geared toward strengthening the kingdom as a whole, even when they may run counter to our own personal, or regional, gain.

High council members are also expected to be subject matter experts in the areas under their purview. This means pouring over all the past design journals, Q&As, discord chat, etc. Keeping absolutely up to date with any information that pertains to their work. It also helps to have real world experience in pertinent fields in order to give context to the work, but is not required.

The Maester of Guidance specifically requires strong planning and organizational skills. The role is one that deals with a very large amount of data. The ability to organize and parse that information to determine how best to use it is essential.

Equally important is patience, and the ability to plan long term rather than getting bogged down in the details of the moment. Schools and research are an area with very long reaching effects. Progress will be slow, and nebulous at times. The MoG needs to be able to see past that and stay the course.







The MoG serves the King and Queen first and foremost, working to develop policies and best practices to present to the DotR. All policies crafted by this department are intended to strengthen the kingdom as whole, regardless of personal interest. We serve to bridge the gap between the councils of the various duchies in order to create an environment of cooperation for us all, and the prosperity that will engender.



No passed policy at this time.

Currently under review is the Research Coordination Policy, which works to gather research data from the various duchies for use in planning future research goals, and aiding in the collaboration between groups working in similar tech areas.



Kingdom wide basic school system.

Template for a tiered system for increasingly advanced schools to facilitate compartmentalizing technology for security purposes.

Framework for collaboration between various groups working on similar research in order to reduce waste and increase tech advancement.








Who is Arisilde?

I'm the count of Delgora over in the Rhynelands. In real life I'm an industrial mechanic by trade, but for the past year have been spearheading an overhaul of the asset management system at my company. My role mostly consists of data collection, organization and archiving of all the equipment, inventory, etc my plant uses. Creating a formatting structure and best practices for how we store and maintain our data, as well as a standard workflow for how the plant will interface with that data once it’s complete.

Why this position?

As might be evident, my real life work mirrors my role as MoG in a lot of ways. Data collection and analysis. Formulating best practices. Mentoring others in the usage of the new systems. Etc. For me it seemed like a natural fit. As a player, I am very interested in the architecture skill, so I was already doing a lot of the same things in building my guild. Networking with those of similar goals in the various duchies. Building my brand. Planning for the future logistical hurdles. All of these things run parallel to my role as MoG. 

Who are we looking to work with?

I want to maintain a good working relationship with the technological leaders in each of the duchies, as well as any prominent school or guild leaders who are heavy into research. Feedback from the parties who are hands on in creating their regional policy, and doing the research itself, will be instrumental in creating kingdom level policy that benefits everyone.

What kind of help will we be looking for?

I'll be looking first and foremost for support from the dukes. Without their feedback, and dedication to enacting our policies, these systems will not succeed.

Additionally, I'll eventually be looking to recruit some like minded individuals who are interested in helping me gather information that will help design and maintain the systems I'll be drafting. For further information, or if you're interested in lending a hand, feel free to contact me directly.