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The Duchies of the Round System


The Duchies of the Round System is the governing body for the Kingdom level within the Kingdom of Vornair as well as the Community of Vornair within Chronicles of Elyria.


The purpose of this document is to outline and give and overview of what the Duchies of the Round System is and how it functions in our community as well as our Kingdom.


The Duchies of the Round system exists to work with our High Council System and they with their Councils to create, align on, implement, and enforce or empower the enforcement of policies, laws, regulations, initiatives, and services that effect the Kingdom of Vornair domain within Chronicles of Elyria as well as the Community of Vornair within Chronicles of Elyria. The Duchies of the Round’s functions in this process include:

  1. Participating in civil conversations and debates to determine the impact, cause, and effect that a potential policy, law, regulation, initiative, or service might have on our domain or community.
  2. Lending their voice to represent the people of their duchy domain or community, as well as they are able, to those discussions.
  3. Drafting and bringing policies, laws, regulations, initiatives, or services to be voted on by the Duchies of the Round in order to make sound, equally represented decisions on the item that is up for a vote.
  4. Voting on items weighing both the needs and desires of their duchy domain and community as well as the needs and desires of the rest of the kingdom domain and community in mind.
  5. Supporting and enforcing, or enabling the enforcement of, any decision made by vote in the Duchies of the Round.
  6. Working to find areas of improvement in items that have been passed by the Duchies of the Round previously, improving upon them and resubmitting for a vote to have those improvements vetted and decided upon by the Duchies of the Round.


Each member of the Duchies of the Round is required to be vetted and approved by the King and Queen in order to be initially established as a Duke or Duchess of the Round and participate in this system. In this approval process the King and Queen vett the candidate based upon the following criteria:

  1. Strong leader to the community at large.
  2. Sets a great example for others to emulate.
  3. Has a wealth of leadership experience that inspires confidence in their ability to lead up to 5000 people.
  4. Provides a different aesthetic.
  5. Provides a focus that clearly sets them apart from the other duchies and brings something new to the palette of Vornair.
  6. Has the confidence of the council and Duke/Duchesses that they can and will run their Duchy self-sufficiently without any micromanagement from outside the Duchy.
  7. While being self-sufficient makes it clear that they will absolutely do what is best for the Kingdom overall.
  8. Has the numbers or at least inspires confidence they will get the numbers to solidify their holdings in the game.
  9. Adds a new perspective to the Duke/Duchesses of the Round, is not a "yes" person.
  10. Will get along well and build a solid relationship with the rest of the leadership.

These criteria are not the only considerations, however they do vaguely cover the key points that are looked for in a prospective Duke or Duchess of the Round.

Once accepted into the Duchies of the Round the Duke or Duchess will be required to select a virtue that they wish to represent and embody as a core member of the leadership team. This virtue they are also expected to hold their fellow leaders to. The current list of representatives and their virtues is below.

Dukes and Duchess can be removed from the Duchies of the Round by the King and Queen, at their discretion, if the Duke or Duchess is found to not be upholding the above listed criteria, are not following the code of conduct or our policies for our community, or are given a vote of no confidence by a majority of the fellow Dukes and Duchesses of the Round. Removal from the Duchies of the Round does not strip the individual of their Duchy domain within Vornair, it simply removes their accesses and rights within the Duchies of the Round System. Depending on the severity of the issue leading to removal, the individual can also be removed from the Vornair Community.

Members of the Duchies of the Round

Duke and Duchess of Valor: King Adam Rhyne and Queen Lagertha Bjornstad


Duke of Honor: Duke Copin Balen


Duke of Altruism: Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur


Duke of Dauntlessness: Duke Kellix Drayce


Duke and Duchess of Perseverance: Duke Morbis Alabast and Duchess PotatoMcWhiskey Alabast


Duke and Duchess of Assiduity: Duke Mythos Cardan and Duchess Danalith Cardan


Duke and Duchess of Wisdom: Duke Vorien Fenix and Duchess Cynnwyn


Duchess of Initiative: Duchess Rheika Hart

The Process


Each Duchy of the Round gets 2 votes that they can choose to split with the representatives of their duchy as they like. Each Duchy of the Round has the opportunity to have representation from their Primary Duke / Duchess (the title holder) as well as up to 2 Chancellors from their Duchy. These Chancellors are presented to the other Duchies of the Round prior to permissions being given to the individuals in order to ensure any known issues with that individual are considered prior to that appointment.

Each representative has the ability and right to submit an item to vote into a kingdom or community level policy, law, regulation, initiative, or service.


Unless stated in another policy governing that particular topic, votes require an absolute simple majority to pass in the Duchies of the Round. Meaning that atleast 51% of all available vote cast in yay or nay fashion have to be yay in order for that vote to pass. Abstain votes are not counted in this absolute value, and any Duchy who fails to cast their vote in the allotted time frame (72 hours) is counted as an automatic abstain. Emergency voting processes do exist as well to cover instances where a quick decision must be made by the Duchies of the Round body.

Once a vote has passed the King and Queen retain the right to absolute veto. If they feel the voted item could cause a larger issue or harm to the domain or community at large they have the right to shoot the policy down and ask for additional work to be done on it to alleviate their concerns.

If a vote does not pass the topic can be voted on again in a future meeting, with or without changes. A veto from the King and Queen can not take a non-passed vote and force it to pass.

Implementation and Enforcement

The specific voted item will cover how that item will be implemented and enforced and by whom within its contents. Upon the passing of that item it is the obligation of all parties identified to implement and enforce that policy and the obligation of our entire leadership team to support it. Any decision the Duchies of the Round makes should be considered as what is best for the Kingdom at large and must be supported by all members of the Kingdom and Community leadership.

Improvements and Resubmissions

Items that did not pass or that did pass have the opportunity to be picked up by any member of the Duchies of the Round, improved upon, and resubmitted for further vote. If the item being improved upon was a passed item that is currently being enacted it will take an absolute super majority (3/4ths) vote to pass as an amendment. If the improved upon item was an item that has not passed and is not currently being enacted it follows typical absolute simple majority rules.

It is important to note that for any in game specific policy that has been passed prior to the game’s launch will not be considered enacted until game launch. This means that any passed policy prior to game launch will follow absolute simple majority rules to get any changes to it passed. This allows us to stay flexible as we are learning more about game mechanics and for us to ensure that we are keeping our options open in relation to how we will go about delivering on our intents utilizing game mechanics.