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About the Vorn

The Kingdom of Vornair will be an NA-East combination of 2 Kingdoms based on honor. Vornair itself loosely translates into “Defense of Honor”. Honor is neither good nor evil. We understand the need for both good and evil to exist in the world, as without one, the other will lead to total destruction. Vornair is not altruistic itself, we will do what is right for our Kingdom and its people. We serve the interests of Vornair, at times that may mean that we help our neighbors, at others it may mean we harm them. It ultimately comes down to what is best for the Kingdom of Vornair overall.

Our Kingdom will begin KoE / the Elyria MUD having only recently formed (about 10 years ago). Prior to the forming, we were a smattering of tribes and clans who were only loosely affiliated. As the greater nations and Kingdoms started forming, some of our tribes and clans started losing lands from these larger, more organized forces. In the interest of protecting our lands and our people, the tribes came together to push the invaders back.

The rallying clan, the Rhyne Clan, led the most victories against these invaders by far. Utilizing their wit, ingenuity, and advantage of knowing their lands, the clans were able to rout the invaders and secure their borders. With the invaders pushed out and their lands secure, the tribes continued to look to the Rhyne clan for leadership and guidance. Their honor, dedicated leadership, and humbleness led the tribes to naturally fall in line under the leadership of Clan Rhyne. It wasn't long before they formalized their Kingdom and selected Clan Rhyne's leaders, Duchess Jordyn Rhyne and Duke Beinir Haert, as the first Queen and King of Vornair.

OOC Our Vision

Our vision for Vornair is to create a Kingdom where people can play the way that they want to play. Adam (King Evelake Rhyne) and Jordyn (Queen Lagertha Bjornstad) want to give out as much autonomy as possible to allow people to be able to create the environments that they need to play their way. From a Kingdom perspective, we put out very basic laws to protect our citizens, and then allow for each level of the law-making system to get a bit more granular with their laws to tailor the game in their areas to what their citizens want. Laws are there to encourage deeper story engagement, as they are made to be broken, and people who break them are made to be chased and potentially found and punished by guards.

The Vorn have no intentions of being a war-mongering society. Vornair will always try diplomacy and economic solutions first. However in the event that those solutions fail, the Vorn will go to war to preserve their people’s way of life, to acquire resources needed for their Kingdom and are unable to be acquired reasonably through trade or alliance, to punish another nation or group for perceived atrocities (griefer groups), or pull an area where the majority of the population of its people desire to be a part of Vornair into their rightful place. We have a number of PvP groups and people who will absolutely need something to occupy themselves with in this game and we intend to ensure they have that environment available to them. Vornair will engage in naval / exploratory expansion to the next continents as the game progresses as well.

Respect is earned in Vornair, not expected and definitely not required. Nobility is not viewed as sacred, or special. Instead, they are viewed as exceptionally able men and women who strive to prove their worth to their people consistently. The concept of regal nobility is foreign to most cultures our Kingdom.

Speaking of cultures, due to where we have set ourselves in our Kingdom’s storylines, every clan (family) has the ability to craft their own culture and backstories to their hearts' content. The only requirement is that if they are using someone else’s material or family in their story, that they get that person’s permission first. Please see our wiki for information on our clans.

In building this phenomenal community and Kingdom, we have gotten ourselves to a point that not even the studio had expected a community to get to at this point in terms of numbers. Due to the need for us to be able to support and provide a level of assurance to the people of our community, Adam has pledged to a second King tier to ensure we have the room for our members. We are currently sitting at 18 out of 24 duchies filled and the majority of our duchies are at their cap for locked in counties at this point, though there are still plenty of spots left for counties, baronies, towns, and vassals in the Kingdom.


Our Kingdom-level body of government is an oligarchic body of government called the Duke/Duchesses of the Round, which are filled by the Duke/Duchesses. This is a system in which the Duke/Duchesses all have a set number of votes to be put towards a Kingdom-wide law, policy, regulation, or initiative. The Queen and King have additional weight on this council as well as the right to veto. Our King and Queen is assisted in their roles by a High Council system whose positions are based off of merit and knowledge in their given fields of expertise. Our Duke/Duchesses are assisted in their roles by their own Duke/Duchess Council system. This allows the High Council to have points of contact in each Duchy (Duchy) and keep the management of their respective areas workable.

Duke/Duchesses of the Round

The Duke/Duchesses of the Round exists only to make Kingdom-wide decisions / laws. Duchy-specific laws will be handled at their level by whatever means the Duke/Duchesses choose to manage them so long as the Duchy’s laws do not supersede the Kingdom law or directly affect the other Duchies. For further information on how each Duchy will run, it is recommended that you join our discord or our website and look through our Vornair Directory.

Each Duke/Duchess will choose a virtue to represent and in which they will strive to embody. The quality is an important attribute that should resonate with the Duke/Duchess, as well as be the same attribute by which their people respect and hold them accountable. These virtues show what our Kingdom truly values at its highest levels. While each Duke/Duchess is expected to embody their chosen virtue, they also expect the King and Queen to embody those virtues and hold them to that standard.

We have very stringent standards when it comes to selecting our Duke/Duchesses. We have consolidated this list into 10 key points that are considered carefully when choosing who will be running our Duchies when launching into this game. We believe these points are key to ensure we are getting folks that ensure the highest level of stability to our community overall. Those key points are listed below:

  1. Strong leader to the community at large.

  2. Sets a great example for others to emulate.

  3. Has a wealth of leadership experience that inspires confidence in their ability to lead up to 5000 people.

  4. Provides a different asthetic.

  5. Provides a focus that clearly sets them apart from the other duchies and brings something new to the palette of Vornair.

  6. Has the confidence of the council and Duke/Duchesses that they can and will run their Duchy self-sufficiently without any micromanagement from outside the Duchy.

  7. While being self-sufficient makes it clear that they will absolutely do what is best for the Kingdom overall.

  8. Has the numbers or at least inspires confidence they will get the numbers to solidify their holdings in the game.

  9. Adds a new perspective to the Duke/Duchesses of the Round, is not a "yes" person.

  10. Will get along well and build a solid relationship with the rest of the leadership.

Through these key points, we have selected 18 Duchies to build and start our Kingdom with, out of the 24 total Duchies our Kingdom will have. Please note that while we have 18 Duchy slots filled alot of those are filled by multi-duchies (1 person who pledged for multiple Duke packages).

Our current Duke/Duchess list will be maintained in our directory list, please see their posts to learn about their duchies!

Vornair is no longer accepting additional Dukes or Duchesses at this time. While we have additional Duchy slots left in our Kingdom, those are, for all intents and purposes, accounted for. This should also serve as a warning to any unaligned Duke or Duchess who decides to place in Vornair lands at domain selection; there is no room for you at this time. If you place in Vornair and displace one or more of our groups who have been building with our community this entire time, expect to be greeted with hostility and a warm smile as our members who will be settling in your area thank you for your donation. If this changes, I will update this thread. Thank you!

Please note that this only applies to Duke/Duchess tier folks. Counts and Below will be handled in whatever manner their Dukes/Duchesses deem appropriate. Most, if not all, of our Duchies have built to allow some flexibility within their Duchies, expecting there to be folks joining them at domain selection.

High Council

The High Council positions are appointed directly by the King and Queen. They may be given explicit permission to act with the authority of the Queen or King. All High Council members can submit laws, policies, regulations, or initiatives for the Duke/Duchesses of the Round to vote on, and will attend meetings to speak as the submitter as well as advise the King on their areas of expertise.

To inquire about any of these positions please join our discord and message anyone in the leadership. For specific information on the responsibilities of each of the roles, click the image below.

The Round updated


Our Kingdom Discord

You can also just contact us on our Discord hang out with our people and get a feel for who Vornair is. There is only very rare occasions when the King is not the most active person on the Discord and he enjoys engaging with everyone who wishes to engage him. Everyone else is also an active and welcoming bunch. Plenty of company and people to talk to while waiting for the game and playing other games together.

We answer any questions we can on our Discord, click the image below to join up and hang out!

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Organizations in Vornair

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